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Easter Scavenger Hunt

4 Apr

This week the topics for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday are: Next to Me, My Morning, Season, Pastel, and Photographer’s Choice.

My sweet Millie goat is always next to me when I am out in the barnyard.  I adore my girl.


My morning was spent helping Penny get her little buck safely into the world.


She’s a pretty proud and protective mom.


For the rest, it’s Easter season, so we have pastel bonnets and towels and bunny ears and all kinds of fun!







Hope you all have a wonderful Easter if you are celebrating it; otherwise, have a great day!

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Thank Goatness it’s Friday

13 Mar

That means time for Random 5 Friday.  First of all, thanks to all the well wishes for Sallie and her kids.  We’re still waiting.  It’s not uncommon for them to appear to be in labor, especially when there is a front that goes through.  It was a false alarm though.  We continue to check her frequently.  I’m sure she’d prefer to avoid the actual physical exam I’ve subjected her to a few times, but I have to know if her cervix is closed or if it’s open and she’s ready to deliver.  I’m watching her especially closely because of the problems she’s had in the last couple of years.  Hopefully, this time her kids will arrive safely and healthy and she’ll be able to feed them.



I’m loving the longer days!  I get to go out to pasture with the goats in the evening.  They seem to be enjoying the longer days too.



I can certainly tell I’m out of shape from the winter.  My lack of exercising started last July with my foot surgery.  I’m really enjoying my walks, but I’m really looking forward to even longer walks and not feeling like I’ve run a marathon afterwards.



The warm weather and sunshine means our snow is virtually all gone.  We’re almost past mud season too.  I actually wore shoes instead of rubber boots to do chores tonight.


My camera came back from being fixed after it came back broken from its cleaning.  It works now.  I’m happy.  Although, I think I’ll continue using the old one outside through the kidding season.

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Dreaming of Catching One

1 Aug

Jules has really embraced the great outdoors.  She fancies herself a fine hunter; although, I think the only thing she’s actually caught so far is a butterfly.  When I was taking a picture of Leo, I noticed Jules was staring into the tree.

Leo (front) and Jules (back)

Leo (front) and Jules (back)

What was she hunting?



She was ready to wait it out.


The squirrel was not about to come down.  In fact she was scolding Jules as loudly as she could.


Later I came out and saw why the squirrel was having such fits.  She had a young one with her.




Hopefully, Jules doesn’t master the fine art of squirrel hunting.

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