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A New Toy

7 Jul

I was just getting ready to take an intermediate weaving class when the world shut down with the pandemic.  I didn’t get to take the class, and after another year, I finally decided to just jump in and get a loom.

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

Of course, Rocky was right there to help.

Rocky (sorry for the blurry cell phone picture)

Once it was opened, it kind of made my living room look small.

I’ve been really trying to remember how it works.  It’s been just under two years since I did anything on a loom.  Of course, I had to start by remembering how to use the warping board.  YouTube videos were quite helpful.

Then I had to remember how to get the warp strings onto the loom.

I warp front to back

I finally got it set up and ready to weave.

Just a very narrow trial run.

Sky wants to know why he lost his flopping on the floor space.


I couldn’t remember how the drill was set up to wind bobbins, so there were more YouTube videos.

I did have to make a minor adjustment (pencil), but it works!

I got a start.  I remembered to even out my warp, but I forgot the over/under with the floating selvedge.  

Eventually, I did remember it. I really do need a bit more refreshing and practicing.

Then I can start turning all that llama wool cored yarn into rugs!

Repeating the Weaving Class

24 Feb

This past weekend I repeated the multi-harness weaving class I took last summer at C & M Acres.

I just adore the little alpacas.  If I were to get an alpaca, I’d want those gorgeous silver/gray ones.

It was a great tour of the mill also.  It is unbelievable the amount of fleece they process.  They also have a store where they sell their roving, yarn, rugs, and other products.

Anyhow, back to the class.  I was so clueless about everything the last time I took it that I thought I could actually learn and remember a lot more if I did it again.  I worked on the same type of floor loom as I used for the rug weaving class.  It was much easier to do the setup this time.

I am really liking this loom.  I was much more relaxed with the process, and it made for an enjoyable weekend.

Here’s the finished piece I made.

Compared with the one from last time.

first one; second one

They are offering an intermediate class in April that I plan on attending to learn more skills.

A Couple More Classes

21 Oct

I spent my weekend taking two more classes from C&M Acres.

The first was a class on how to use the rigid heddle loom.  It was a lot of fun, and I made a short scarf.

The second class was rug weaving.  I got to enjoy good company, too.  I got to play with more of the cored yarn that I really like!  This time though, I didn’t knit a rug.  I got to use the big loom and some 100% suri alpaca cored yarn.

It did not take Snickers very long to try out my rug.  He approves.


It was a really nice relaxing weekend!