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Hopefully the Last Cold Snap

3 Mar

We have once again had our temperatures plunge.

It made my task of preparing for spring break kidding next week a bit more of a challenge.  I had many of my gates frozen down.


I do think I manage to get things as ready as I can.

Now it’s just a matter of coping and waiting and getting through.


Where Will They All Go?

26 Feb

I am going a bit nuts trying to figure out where to put twenty goats to kid all at once over spring break.  If it were supposed to be a beautiful normal spring, it wouldn’t be a problem.  They could kid outside.  That’s not the case though.  It looks like it’s going to be cold.

screen shot from

So I’m trying to figure out who to put with whom.  I think I can have Bonnie, Blaze and Gidget together without any problems.




I’m not so sure I can add Bonne and Blaze’s half-sister Mary to the mix though. She sometimes gets along, and sometimes she doesn’t.


Then there’s Margarita.  She’s little, and I’m pretty sure she will have to be by herself.


Sidney, Cutie, and Astra are in the same situation. And I can’t even put two of them together because they would suddenly get pushy with the other one.


I’m pretty sure Wanda and Ava, mother and daughter, will be okay together.


I’m not sure that will work with Annie and Caroline though.


Sometimes, moms don’t won’t their last baby with them trying to still act like their baby when they have new kids coming.

Annie’s baby Caroline

Victoria and Clover are three-quarters sisters and get along, but I’m not sure they can be together for kidding.


Then there’s the handful of pushy ones that I’m sure have to be by themselves: Joani, Hilda, Haley, Cinnamon, Reva, and Maisie.


Oh my.  I need another building the size of my garage.

Iowa’s Weather

24 Feb

Iowa always has unpredictable weather, but we’ve even been outdoing ourselves this winter.  We are up to record amounts of snow between the first of the year and now.


Then Friday, we warmed up to 34*F (1.11*C).  It was melting weather!

By Friday evening, we had freezing rain.  Then it warmed up overnight, and it was all rain again.


That means there’s a lovely layer of water on the snow pack/ice. Luckily, we got a break from the rain for part of the day.

Sky has decided to avoid the icy paths and go through the slushy snow.  I couldn’t disagree with that plan because I almost fell the first time out Saturday morning.

My paths in the barnyard are also sloppy, and there’s a layer of water below the hay and above the snow/ice pack.


I do worry some about my barn.  It’s a horrible design, and all the melting snow to the north of the barn has to drain through this section.  I’m sure later in the spring it will be virtually unusable by the animals.  Right now it’s still okay though.

Stormy, Mary and Flower laying in back, Zinnia, and Victoria peeking over Zinnia

I’m pretty sure that this pooling of all the melted snow and rain in my doorway means that I’m not going to be able to open these doors again until true spring arrives.

Because next came the rain showers.

This was followed closely by snow, and it was finished off with falling temperatures.

By morning we were once again covered with a fresh layer of snow.


Today’s big news is the wind to blow around the snow that fell overnight.

I missed being in the blizzard warning by one county (actually it’s just a couple of miles).  Lucky me.

Pictures don’t do justice to the blowing snow.

Both of my barn doors were frozen shut. Luckily, snow is an insulator and even though it’s freezing out, the water puddle wasn’t completely frozen.  I also used the sharp tines of the potato fork, and I managed to chip away the parts that were frozen, so I can get in to take care of the birds and feed the goats their grain!  Woo hoo!

The door for the hay is still frozen down, but this one is much more manageable since I can feed most of the hay without having to bring it out the door.  Thank heavens for Dutch doors.  I can toss my bales over and go around through the barn to carry hay to the buck room and my old ladies.

Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 9*F (-12.78*C), and it doesn’t look like there’s any more melting in the near future.