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Winter Ready or Not

11 Nov

I hope the goose had a good bath on Sunday because there’s nothing but ice in the pool now.

Goose in pool

We woke up to cold and snow this morning.

Snowy barn

It always makes me happy when the heated tubs are actually thawed out.

heated tub

I hope the geese figure out I put tubs in the barn because I drained the cattle tank.  It was so nasty with goose sludge and the heat means it keeps growing stuff all winter.  I’m hoping a good freeze and bleaching in the spring will make it a lot cleaner.

Empty Cattle Tank

I did manage to get Flower, Bud and Muffin all three to the north lean-to.

Muffin, Bud and Flower

Muffin, Bud and Flower

They have a heat lamp, heated tub of water (notice the pvc pipe to keep them from chewing on the cord), and fresh straw bedding.

Winter Water

Bud and Muffin were happy eating while I was standing there with them.  You can clearly see Bud’s bare belly.

Goats eating hay

As soon as I left, they came back to the gate wanting to join the rest of the herd.  Muffin was yelling (with a very loud call) to her daughter, but Wanda had already gone in the barn.



I assume the three of them will go in where it’s warm once they figure out I’m not going to let them back out.  Hopefully, Bud doesn’t go over the fence again.

Lady Bug and Cattle Tank

13 Nov

The cattle tank was still frozen this morning despite the new heater.

My son and nephew came and tested the voltage in the water and the tank.  There was a bit of electricity floating in the water, but the outlets tested fine.

They put a new heater in it (wish I’d thought of that, but my dad didn’t deliver that part of my message). There was no stray electricity after replacing the heater.

We’ll see if this one works (when it gets cold next time), or I’ll be in the market for an electrician.

Lady bugs are much more pleasant than the cattle tank.

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A More Favorable Look at the Geese

27 Apr

Geese sometimes get a bad rap.  They have a reputation for being mean.  They can be, but usually it’s during the mating season and they are protecting their turf, their nests, and their eggs.  Most of the time, they are pretty easy to get along with.

They really do enjoy the pools of water that I give them.

As soon as one gets out,

there’s another waiting to get in.

I personally think they are beautiful birds sitting so serenly in their wading pool.

Of course, some geese get a bit more carried away.

click on picture to enlarge

You’ll get wet if you stand too close.  When I see them flailing around in that tiny pool, it really makes me wish I had something better for them to swim and play in.

In the back forty, there is a tiny little drainage ditch that carries water onto my property.

After a short distance, it widens out into a fairly deep channel.

It makes a small pool before it goes underground into the tile.

I can only imagine how much they would like to play here, especially if we made that little pool into a little pond.  Maybe someday.

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