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Some Goats

4 May

Here are some of the goats from my walk in pasture yesterday.



Pistol and Tommy

Pistol and Tommy



I can’t resist sharing this one as well, even though it came from the barnyard.

Cinnamon and Sage

Cinnamon and Sage

I’m truly enjoying this sunny weather!

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I’m sharing with Warm Heart Wednesday and Black and White Wednesday.

Brindle and Bode

27 Apr

If you’ve been hanging out here since the kids were born last month, you probably remember that Penny was having a hard time feeding both of her kids.  Brindle was doing well, but Bode was starving.  We tubed him and I squirted milk down his throat, and he was finally doing better.

Brindle bouncing towards Bode

Brindle bouncing towards Bode

Well, I think he’s not even skinny now.

kid twins_5878ews

He certainly acts like he’s feeling good.

kid buck_5930ews

You can still tell he’s smaller than his sister.  It was obvious when I was trying to get a “tail count” shot for next year.

tail count_5932ews

I will say, though, he’s doing pretty darn good.  That warms my heart.

Sharing with Jenny Matlock for Warm Heart Wednesday.

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They Make Me Smile

20 Apr

It’s time for Jenny Matlock’s Warm Heart Wednesday, and I have to say, the kids make me smile.  I love seeing happy healthy kids.

Sage (Cinnamon's doe)

Sage (Cinnamon’s doe)

Rufus (Dolly's buck that I wish was a doe)

Rufus (Dolly’s buck that I wish was a doe)

PJ (Pistol's boy)

PJ (Pistol’s boy)

Llenny makes me smile too.  He’s a pretty good guy.



Sometimes, you have to watch a llama with new kids.  I could never trust my last llama with the little ones, but Llenny is awesome.  He just likes to sniff them over.

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