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25 Apr

My nephew has been working hard to get my field ready to plant.  Since we’re adding the area from the pumpkin patch and where we removed the old trailer, it takes a little more work this spring.  He field cultivated.  Well, until the hydraulic hose broke.


He filled in gaping holes where trees had been blown down and moved the huge tree, so it wasn’t in the middle of the field.  He got rid of scrubby mulberry shrubs.  He turned it into a part of the field rather than a pasture that wasn’t able to be planted.

field collage

Where he field cultivated, it turned up a lot of stuff.  He picked up a bunch.  I picked up a bunch. There was wood from the trees, concrete chunks from where we removed the old trailer house, bits of metal wire, and lots of simply trash.

spoon collage

Well, at least I found a spoon to replace the one I lost.  And a fork!


There’s still a bunch of junk left out there.  It will keep working out of the ground for years, and we’ll keep picking it up every time we are there.  What really amazes me is the number of shoes I’ve found on this farm.

shoe_5743ews shoe collage

It almost reminds me of a certain episode of Criminal Minds where the serial killers fed the bodies of their victims to the pigs.


Today’s post is brought to you by Song-ography, old shoes, and Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.  I’m also sharing my shoes with Tuesday’s Treasures and Mosaic Monday.

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In the Soap Room

4 Apr

I didn’t get around to making anything in the soap room this weekend, but I did spend a lot of time in there trying to get things set up.  I had to get more shelves.

soap and candles_4472ews

I’ve hauled things up from the basement, packed, taken them to the soap room and unpacked somewhere around a million things (just ask my knees).


I’ve placed a couple of orders for supplies.  When they all arrive, I’ll start making new items!


I’ve been labeling the soap I made over the last few weeks, so I have room on the curing rack for the next batches.

soap label collage

beach breezes and cottage rose

beach breezes and cottage rose

I also had to go shopping at the thrift store.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a basic double boiler?  Come to think of it, my last one came from a yard sale.

double boiler_4548ews

I also found this lovely treasure while I was at the thrift store.  I had to have it just because.


My dad was super sweet and turned the cut out counter top from the sink into cutting boards!  I’m thrilled to have these!

cutting board hot plate_4550ews

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Spring Cleaning

30 Mar

The last day of my spring break was perfect!  The weather was warm and calm.  It was a perfect day for tackling the pile of tin that was left lying by the Amish crew that put up the shell of my new building.

scrap metal_4180ews

I borrowed my dad’s truck and filled it up.  By the time I had it all in there, it was quite full!


Luckily I had the help of my son for unloading.


We took it to the Car Country dumpster in my little town.  It’s there for anyone to throw their scrap metal in.  I’m pretty sure I filled it a time or two by myself last summer.  Hopefully, I can do the same this year.


Today’s real treasure is getting rid of all that trash.  Somebody might want it though.  I may have seen my ninety-two-year-old uncle dumpster diving last summer.  I love getting this junk cleaned up and recycled.


Now it’s ready for my nephew to finish moving dirt and sculpting the driveway and hill my building is on.

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