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More Fiber Stuff

27 Feb

It has been crazy with the weather and taking care of Tony and everything else, but I do try to do something fun and relaxing after I get done with all my work for the day.

Pluto, Tony and Anubis

That might be knitting.  I’m kind of stuck on dish cloths.

Now I just need to find a new farmer’s market to take all these dish cloths to sell.

I did also manage to sneak in making another hat.  The yarn beside it will be my next hat.  This one actually fits an adult!

Because so much is going on, this post keeps getting pushed back, so that means I’ve also completed the second hat.

I also decided to turn the scarf I made using the rice stitch into an infinity scarf.  I have to admit it’s because I didn’t want to make tassels.  I like this better anyhow. Please ignore the model.  I had no other options.

Now I’m working on an infinity scarf using the fisherman’s rib stitch.  Obviously, I like green.

Recently, I’ve added spinning.  I’m trying to figure out how to use the spinning wheel Claire left for me to learn on.

I’m having mixed results with that.  I just keep my practice sessions short, so I don’t get too frustrated.

Most recently, I’ve tried some macrame.  I shared my feather already, but I am trying other things too.  I sometimes have a bit more help than I need.

Sky and Snickers

This one was a little piece just to practice the knots and such.

I do have plans for this pattern in a bit larger size.

I also want to integrate some of the roving from my llamas into macrame projects once I get it back from the fibre mill.  I should really quit looking at Pinterest; I already have too many ideas for things I want to try.


A Conundrum

8 Feb

My dear friend stopped by to see me after a business meeting and tried to help figure out the spinning wheel.  The first thing we decided was that it really needed some work because most of the parts that were supposed to move were frozen in place.  We took it to my dad for some help.

After much work, we finally got this stubborn piece to move.

Then it and the rest of the wheel came apart for a good cleaning and oiling.

Then we glued the legs in so they wouldn’t fall out.

It was a bit of a task to make sure everything was lined up properly when it was put back together.

The real test of course was would it spin?

It did!  It spins.

It does not, however, pull the yarn in to wrap around the bobbin.

We’re calling it quits for now and doing more research, so it might still be able to be used some day.  For now, she was kind enough to leave me a loaner wheel to try and figure out how to spin.

Of course, we had lots of help from the critters.

Quite frankly, my dad was way more helpful than either Snickers or Sky.

My First Yarn

16 Nov

I finished my first bit of yarn.  To do that, I had to have my dad help me make a niddy noddy.  It was really easy.  I didn’t have anything to do it, but whenever I want to buy something my dad tells me “Don’t buy anything.  I probably have what you need.”  So I called him.  He did not have PVC, but he did have Pex, and that worked.

I now have my very own niddy noddy!

I managed to get the yarn off the spindle and onto the niddy noddy.

Then I realized my sink was about a half inch too short, so I kind of made it fit.

But it wouldn’t stay down below the water, so I weighted it with a plate.

Hey.  It worked.  I got my finished yarn!

I really wanted to do something with it, but I’m not a much for yarn crafts.  I did learn how to knit in 4th grade (Thanks, Mrs. Steiert), but I don’t know whatever happened to my knitting needles.  I decided to improvise.

Don’t laugh!  It worked.

By Christmas, I might even be able to make a decent pot holder.