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Scenes from the Day

14 Oct

I was working on fence in the pasture today.  I thought I’d just share some of the sights.  The neighbor was combining his cornfield.

Of course, I loved any excuse to take a break from working, and beautiful harvest pictures was a great one.  The combine was full, and he was headed to unload it.

Later, I noticed I had a perfect view between the tree.

I checked on the llama while I was back there.

He was there, and he was cranky as usual.  I also made sure to find the ox and tell him that Maxine misses him.  We hope she’ll be home soon.  MJ is very lonely without her.

Some more fall scenes from my pasture~

Okay, I have to include at least one goat picture,

or maybe even two.

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What I Wanted to See

7 Oct

When I got home from work today, I was hoping to see a big green combine rolling over my hills harvesting the soybeans.  Well, that’s not what I saw.  My field was just like it was when I left.  My nephew said it was probably going to be Monday now when they get to my field.  Since I have parent-teacher conferences and won’t be around to take pictures, I went to my nephew’s farm.  I don’t think I could have asked for the moon and trees and trucks to be better placed for a picture.  Really!

I took off in the Ranger with my sister, and we found the combine!  The big green John Deere combine!

It’s horribly dusty out there, but they are making short work of this field.  Grandpa Buck was driving the combine.  He’s been retired for several years, but at the age of eighty-six, he still likes to work on the farm.

Norm drove in with the truck.  I don’t know why, but I like this sunset and silhouette picture.

They pulled the combine up to the truck and emptied the beans.  Then the combine was off again to continue the harvest.  If things go amazingly, they’ll be to my field on Sunday.

Then I can post more beautiful harvest pictures, only they will be of my field!

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