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A Bird in the Snow

6 Dec

I was accompanied on my walk through the pasture this weekend by a red-bellied woodpecker who seemed to be following me.




I finally obliged it with a photo shoot when we got back to the barnyard.

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DIY Redneck Peacock Shelter

7 Jun

The same time I was sleep deprived and delivering kids like crazy, I was also dealing with a crisis in the poultry barn.  After two years of living here and sharing the same building/outside pen for a year-and-a-half Blue Gryphon’s presence was finally deemed unacceptable by my older male peacock.  So the fights and constant stalking began.  Poor Blue Gryphon was hiding under the little chick pen (that he’s sitting on top of below).


I had no idea how to deal with this, but decided I could divide the outside pen in half if I could get shelter on the far side.  So I literally used an old pallet, some electric fence posts, part of an old tarp, staples, duct tape and bailing twine.

peacock pen_8364ews

It worked, and Blue Gryphon was very quick to take shelter under it.


Of course, the chickens could go right through.  Luckily the jerk roosters stayed out while I was building it. I’m guessing they were afraid I’d use the staple gun on them.


Sadly, Blue Gryphon finally wanted to go up to roost for the night (I didn’t have time to get a roost put up with all the kids being born), so he figured out how to squeeze through. I had already seen the peahens go through, but I had hoped the boys would be just enough bigger they couldn’t make it through.


The next day, I got my old rooster over there, so it was another day of separation.


Sadly, he finally got through and when I went out next, they were both sitting on a saw horse like the good buddies they had been up to this point.  Hopefully, the couple of days in time out helped everyone get along again.  Now if I could just find someone that wanted to turn three roosters into chicken and noodles.

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Mowing Rye

30 May

My nephew came today to mow the rye where we will plant pumpkins.  The rye will be left there, and the pumpkins will be planted in those narrow empty rows.

mowing collage

“He just takes the tractor another round”

When you let the rye get this tall, it tends to get tangled in the discbine, but we wanted to make sure it was fully headed out, so it doesn’t grow back.


“It’s another day in the dusty haze.”

I love this scene.  It means progress towards the pumpkin patch this fall!


“underneath this Eden Hills sky”

While I was out there, I also noticed how tall the grass is in the buffer strip.

grass collage

“Please don’t let my dreams run dry.”

There’s a lot of clover mixed in.


He says, “I never complain. I never ask: “Why?”

And the alfalfa is starting to bloom.

alfalfa collage

“Let my crops and children grow”

It kind of looks like we should be making hay.  There’s always more to do on a farm than there are hours and days to get it done.

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