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Red Neck Privacy Fence

17 Sep

I live in the country and want peace away from everyone else in the world.  I have a privacy fence.  No.  It’s not that repurposed dilapidated woven wire fence that keeps my Millie goat in the yard.



It didn’t do a very good job of keeping Stella in the yard when she was younger, but she’s old and slowed down, so it keeps her in the yard now too.



The privacy fence, though, is all those scrub trees growing in the ditch.

great pyrenees

They block my view of the road and make me feel like I’m truly in the middle of nowhere.  I kind of like it that way.

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Is It Junk?

5 Aug

I have a shed on the north part of my property.  It’s fairly big and it could be used for a lot of things if I could get it fixed up.

Shed 21w

See.  Even the door has major problems.

broken door

The windows don’t have glass,


and there’s a gap between the walls and ceiling where the birds can come in.


That’s not paint drippings.


As it is, I store a few things in it.  That’s Artie, the vintage flare box wagon.  We’ve had some hay in there the last couple of years, but the building is in bad shape.

flare box wagon

I have someone coming soon to give me an estimate of what it would take to keep the wild animals out and get it fixed up.

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Looking for a Man

10 Jun

I no more than tell you Maxine is open than she decides to give me an idea of what her retirement would look like.  I got a call last night telling me that my neighbor called the guy who has cows across the road to tell him he had cows out on the road.  He came down and opened the gate for them to go in.  Then he noticed they didn’t have his ear tags.  He called my nephew and said he had let a red cow and a black cow and a black calf into his pasture.  Gee, does that sound like anyone I might know?  When my nephew called me I just kept saying, “How’d they get out?  I was just down there and they were eating on the bottom.”

Cow pasture

Of course, he had no idea how they got out, and there wasn’t much I could do about it until morning, so I went to bed.  It did make me think though, I got Norma Jean because Maxine wasn’t bred and every time she came into heat, she’d bust out of the pasture and walk through my bean field and go looking for a bull with MJ tagging along behind her.  I’m not liking this.

In the morning, when I went out to milk Haley, I figured out how the cows got out because every goat (with the exception of the six newborns) was in the alfalfa and corn field feasting.  No pictures of that because the rich alfalfa with its blossoms waiting to be cut into hay is way too much for them.  I just put them back and shut them in the barnyard.

panel knocked down

Then I picked the old panel up and wired it back in place more or less.  It’s leaning a bit more, but it will hold the goats for now.

Panel laying down

Maxine, Norma Jean and George are somewhere over there across the road.  They’ll probably be there for a couple of weeks until the neighbor works his calves and has a way set up for us to catch them.


If we don’t get them then, it will most likely be fall before we can get them.  I wonder if that’s them back there.  I’m not sure how far back his pasture goes.

Pasture 53w

I’m not liking Maxine’s retirement.  I can’t have her busting down fences every three weeks.  She very well might be un-retired very soon, or she might have to find a new home.


At least George will have other calves to play with.

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