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9 Nov

I hate mice.  I really hate mice.  When I saw one scurry across the milk room and sneak under the wall, I was really not happy.  But I figured if it was going to run around the cupboard and closer to me to get away, that was probably the only place it could get out (or in).  I wasted no time springing into action.  I meant business.

Don’t laugh!  I managed to catch ten mice in just over twenty-four hours.  By the next day, I had my plan.

It is not an easy place to reach.  My bottle of foamy insulation couldn’t fit back there.  I had to be creative.  I started with the scotch pad.  I’ve heard mice can’t chew through them.  It sounds good to me.

I decided I was never going to get the whole thing shoved in there, so I cut it in half and started over.  It wasn’t easy, but I finally did it.  After getting that shoved in, I had to figure out how to get the foamy insulation back there before it hardened.

And it’s a sticky gooey mess, so whatever I used had to be disposable.  I went with a plastic putty knife.

It looks good.  I don’t care if there’s foamy insulation stuff on the side of the cupboard.  I’m not quite as okay with the insulation that ended up in my hair (I really need a hair cut).  I guess I really only care about not having mice in my milk room.  I did put a trap back just to be on the safe side.

Other Critters

22 May

It’s not just my animals here on the farm.  I get to see lots of birds.

Baltimore oriole

There’s quite a few squirrels out in pasture.

Occasionally we have some other critters show up.  Or Bob might bring them up.

Bob Cat

Yep.  He caught a baby bunny.  Luckily, he’s not a starving cat because he didn’t notice when I took his bunny from him.  He was just waiting and resting until it tried to escape and he could play with it some more.

I really don’t see very many bunnies here with the cats and dog ready to chase them.

I took it to the Back Forty and let it go.

Should have changed camera setting first, but I was more worried about Bob than pictures.

This morning, I think I rescued the same baby bunny from Bob again.  I did warn it that it might not be lucky enough for me to be around to save it a third time.

Hopefully, it has learned its lesson.  Then this happened.

When the vet was here helping me push pills down the goats, kittens wandered out from under the workbench.  Seriously?  I only have fixed cats.  In the twenty springs I’ve spent on the farm, this is the first time I’ve had kittens born here.

Margarita tried butting one into the ground.  Seriously?

They were thin and horribly dehydrated.

They are back to healthy and have already left the farm.

A Squirrely Random 5 Friday

27 Sep

1.  I really do feel like I’m constantly scampering hither and yon and chasing my tail after some elusive nuts.  Okay, what I mean by that is I’m quite busy.  I really was close to caught up on visiting blogs, and then it was suddenly a week later.  Really.  I am trying.

squirrel on tree

2.  I’m busy with author things.  I’m trying to find people to do blog reviews and Amazon and Goodreads reviews.  I’ve already shipped off ten copies of the novel, so I hope to start seeing reviews around the Blogosphere quite soon.  There’s still time to enter the giveaway at Goodreads.


3.  The garden is still producing.  Since I’m working full time, it’s a struggle to get things canned for winter, especially as the days continue growing shorter.  I tried roasting tomatoes last night to make a sauce.  That was pretty easy, so I am going to try some more this weekend if I can get time.


4.  I’ve talked off and on about wanting to put up an events center on the north part of my property.  Well, we have a renewed push to do this.  I’ve been calling and talking to people about water and sewer and perk tests and and and…  I believe one of my nephews is coming out this weekend to help clean up some of the junk.  We would like to have things done to host our first event next summer and then do a grand opening with a pumpkin patch.

squirrel close up

5.  In sad news, we’ve lost all three peachicks.  I do think I’ll have to have a different male before I can successfully raise any little ones.  I feel bad for the moms because they were very good and attentive.

squirrel in tree

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