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Starting the Good-byes

7 Jul

Friday night I penned several of my March kids.

I got the pen that my dad made loaded in the back of my truck.  I have to say it’s kind of awesome that I did not have to borrow a truck to sell kids this time.

I still had to have one of my nephews come help me.  Why would I have to have help if I got the big pen loaded by myself?

Gouda and his maa, Hilda

Gouda.  Gouda is huge.  There is no way I was going to load that big Gouda boy by myself.


Anyhow, with the kids sold, I will hopefully no longer have to get heads out of fences (Sacagewea and Darling).  I also sold Cutie’s girl, Bianca.

Cutie and Bianca

That means I got to milk her again. The third time must be the charm because she did actually let me milk her.  She rather sat on my lap which makes it a bit awkward, and she wouldn’t let it all down, but we’ll get there.


Since I sold some of the kids from the north paddock, I figured I could add one up there.  I finally weaned Snow White.  She was not happy about it.

Snow White

We’ll see how milking Caroline goes.  The first attempt wasn’t very pretty, but we’ll see… This morning, she was much better!

Oh and we’re milking in a newly painted milk room.

Well, the floor looked good for a little bit.


Now that I’ve actually milked in there, it’s not quite so clean.  But it’s still a lot better than it was!


28 Jun

Last December, my big project for winter break was supposed to be painting the floor of the soap room.  Well, I ended up living in there over break because of the furnace issues.

Leo, Sky, and Snickers

Then I was going to do it over spring break, but it was a bit chaotic with kidding and everything.

Front: Haley and Cinnamon; Back: Bonnie, Wanda, and Blaze

Since then, I’ve barely had a chance to get into the soap room.

But I’m milking again and I need to make cheese and I really have to get back out there and work.


I have been cleaning the floor and moving things from one side, and I’ve started painting!

Woo hoo!  I am honestly excited at how much easier it will be to keep clean.

I have one more coat on the second side, then it’s just putting everything back where it belongs. Obviously, I will still need to do some touch up under the cabinets also (maybe).

When the soap room is done, the milk room is next! That should be fun.

Again, it will be much easier to keep clean.  Right now, I can’t sweep it clean (and most of the little chunks are pieces of hoof from my trying to keep up with their feet in our wet weather).  Then, I need a concrete stoop outside the door to help keep out the mud and mosquitoes.


9 Nov

I hate mice.  I really hate mice.  When I saw one scurry across the milk room and sneak under the wall, I was really not happy.  But I figured if it was going to run around the cupboard and closer to me to get away, that was probably the only place it could get out (or in).  I wasted no time springing into action.  I meant business.

Don’t laugh!  I managed to catch ten mice in just over twenty-four hours.  By the next day, I had my plan.

It is not an easy place to reach.  My bottle of foamy insulation couldn’t fit back there.  I had to be creative.  I started with the scotch pad.  I’ve heard mice can’t chew through them.  It sounds good to me.

I decided I was never going to get the whole thing shoved in there, so I cut it in half and started over.  It wasn’t easy, but I finally did it.  After getting that shoved in, I had to figure out how to get the foamy insulation back there before it hardened.

And it’s a sticky gooey mess, so whatever I used had to be disposable.  I went with a plastic putty knife.

It looks good.  I don’t care if there’s foamy insulation stuff on the side of the cupboard.  I’m not quite as okay with the insulation that ended up in my hair (I really need a hair cut).  I guess I really only care about not having mice in my milk room.  I did put a trap back just to be on the safe side.