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What’s Blooming

4 Aug

I do have a few flowers blooming around here.  I was afraid the mallow wasn’t going to survive the goats’ pruning this spring, but there’s a good crop.


This is stinking chamomile in my north paddock.  It’s been empty for about five weeks, so the grass (and weeds) is getting tall.


I have one little spiderwort that survived our extremely harsh winter.  Hopefully it will do well and multiply.


The tiger lilyl is from my ditch.


The sunflowers aren’t from my farm, but they’re pretty, so I included them.


What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

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Summer is Here Scavenger Hunt

8 Jun

Summer’s arrived.  I’m done teaching for the year, so I’ve hung up my old denim bag.  I’ll bid it farewell until August.

denim bag collage

I kicked off the summer by lighting a fire Friday evening and sitting outside with a glass of wine.


It was a perfect night to sit there and watch the flames dance.

Fire collage

I have plenty of fuel for the fire with the limbs that fall from my oak trees.  Of course, this one is still across the sidewalk waiting to be cut into more useable lengths.


Snickers is trying to help me change my perspective into a slower more relaxed pace by being a good role model.



I might have to try that napping twenty hours a day thing.  Maybe not.  I have soap to make and my yard needs mowed again.

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Monday. Monday.

5 May

Time for The Good. The Random. The Fun.  We could all use more of all of those.

The Good.  Nothing like kisses from grandma to make you feel loved.

Maxine and Norma Jean's bull

Maxine and Norma Jean’s bull

The Random.  A random shot of MJ.  I do love this guy.



The Fun.  Nothing like hanging with the older kids in pasture and playing with them.

BB (Bambi's Buck) and Moose

BB (Bambi’s Buck) and Moose

goat kids playing collage goat kids playing

They certainly do know how to have fun.

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