Valentine Scavenger Hunt

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, we have the following items:  writing, curly, love, my view, and pattern.

Every time we get those warm days, I think spring.  When it turns cold again, I’m wishing for warm weather.  That means I had to get another boquet of flowers to get me through.

Flower 010ew

Pattern:  Love the pattern in this flower.

Flower 083ew

My view:  It’s all about the flowers this week.

Flowers 063ew

Love:  I love this one!  The wine, I mean.  It’s sweet plum that we made in 2013.  It’s really improved with age, and I liked it before.

Wine Bowl 073ew

Curly:  These leaves had the best curl to them.

Leaves 065ew

Writing:  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know I’m late, but I shared it on my Facebook photography page in a more timely manner.

Be Mine 018ew

Be sure to visit Ashley for more Scavenger Hunt Sunday shots.

Flower 112ew

Flower Bowl 085ew

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Another Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week Ashley gave us the task of finding the following:  Pink, Old School, Walk, Accessory, and On My Table.

Pink:  Bambi’s nose is about as pink as they come.  She is adorable, and she’s a brat.  I love her though, and she’s due to have kids again on April 1.



Old School:  I feed my goats old school.  I have small bales that I take pad by pad to feed them.  For some reason, the first thing Millie (or many of them) does is dump the tub and eat from the ground.  I’ve honestly given up on most of the tubs.  Can you tell Bambi gets her pink nose from her maa, Millie?



Walk:  If you remember, I shoveled paths for the animals and me.  They were so nice, but now they are mud.  Really, really, muddy. And there’s ice underneath.  That makes them a bit treacherous.

Barnyard Trails

Gidget and geese

I wanted to take advantage of our beautiful day by going for a walk in the pasture, but it was a bit snowy and sloppy.


I don’t know why it would be slushy with thirteen inches of snow melting quickly and running off the barn roof.

drops 041ew



I didn’t make it very far.  I had to admire the beauty from a distance.


Shadow Shot

Accessory:  Mother Nature must have decided we needed a splash of color in the winter landscape.  I’m glad to have this cardinal accessory.


Bird d’Pot 

On My Table:  At any given time on my kitchen table you’re likely to find a basking or bathing cat lying among the plants.



They are pretty sure the table belongs to them.  And I can see that I should wash the muddy paw prints off the window again while the weather is nice.

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First of the Month Snowstorm

I know I said I was going to share the progress on the north part of my farm each first of the month, but this is as close as I got to it today.  Besides, there’s not much going on up there.  I’m just doing behind the scenes stuff talking to bankers and builders.  The storm is much more blog-worthy.

blowing snow

We had rain yesterday from noon until evening, and then it switched to snow, and it’s just winding up.  We still have the high winds.



While it looks impressive and beautiful, it’s a really heavy snow.  I know because I started my morning by shoveling and cleaning off the bird feeders and making sure they had food.





Red Bellied Woodpeckder

Blue Jay

I also checked on all the goats.  Millie was happy to be in her lean-to, and I’m sure she’s not planning on stepping one hoof outside until the weather improves.



Pistol and Coral thought it would be a good idea to come outside.  I’m not sure why, and they quickly changed their minds.

Pistol and Coral

Pistol and Coral

I’ve never had so much snow on the pen for the chickens.  It was really eerie to be in there.



Inside, the hens were happily laying eggs.


The geese are the least bothered by this weather, but even they were in the barn more than usual today.

Geese in snow

It’s been quite the winter weather event.

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