Spring Flowers

This is such a beautiful time of year with all the flowers blooming.  The bleeding hearts are lovely.

Bleeding Heart_7532ew

Bleeding Heart 2_7792ew

I’ve never seen the apple tree so covered in blossoms.

Apple Tree_7987ew

Hopefully it doesn’t finish falling over before the apples are all harvested.

Apple Blossom_7804ew


The bees are loving all those blossoms!



The crabapple has huge blooms this year.


The whole tree is covered.  Considering how damaged it was in a storm a few years ago, I’m amazed at how nice it looks.


I have a few columbine.


The lilacs are just starting to open and smell heavenly.



I have to say, Stella has been hard on my flowers.  I don’t have any tulips or daffodils left.

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Leftover Scavenger Hunt

With rainy weather all weekend and my habit of procrastinating, I didn’t get my pictures for this week’s scavenger hunt, so I’m using leftover pictures from earlier in the week and forcing them to fit the prompts:  from above, drink of choice, jewelry, local and I found this.

When I was walking in the pasture, I found this little fungi.  Not sure what it is, but it’s cute.


I also found the vulture, or rather he found me.  I kind of like the drama of the silhouette against the clouds.  It was a bit disconcerting when he was circling above me.  I got worried for a minute.


When I was headed back to the barnyard, I took this picture from above.  The hills are good for those sweeping vistas.


I didn’t have a new picture of Fawn with her eye jewelry, but she’s doing quite well.  I thought she was going to hop down from the branch; didn’t know she was going to fly, so you get this one out of focus, but you can see she’s enjoying herself.


Does Bambi’s collar count as jewelry?


The drink of choice around here is milk.

Harley Kids_0158ew

Not all the kids have to fight to get a drink.  See Bambi’s girl Thumper has two to herself.  Doesn’t quite seem fair, does it?

Bambi Thumper_0192ew

Finally, just a couple of shots of the local kids playing.



There’s lots of playing going on now.  You can see a video here.

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Green, Green Grass Scavenger Hunt

I’m late for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, so I’m combining it with Song-ography.  The scavenger hunt items are:  what I did today, green, errand, in my kitchen and something old.  We had our choice for Song-ography, so I chose The Green, Green Grass of Home written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

I hope Millie isn’t mad that I’m using her for something old.  Really, she’s eleven, and I didn’t think she’d ever make it this far.  I’m certainly glad she has.



I do have her and Joe up north now.  They might think of it as a gray prison wall, but they do struggle with keeping up out in pasture.



They do still have green grass up there. And they even have old oak trees to stand beneath.

Grass under  hoof

What I did today was my first game of hide-n-goat-seek.  It took 2 1/2 hours, but I won.  Silly Sallie took Annie out to pasture and left her.  I’m certainly going to shut them in while I’m at work tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain all day.



While all the goats were lounging on the hill just down the lane, Moose went on an errand to see if I’d put out any yummy hay.  He sure enough found the bit I’d put out for Sallie.



Finally, I have a ton of eggs in my kitchen.  I think I need to put a notice on Facebook that I have eggs for sale.


Not even Snickers can keep up with the hens now.

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