Life is a Bowl of Cherries

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday is brought to you by the cherry tree.  The topics:  then and now, indulge, happiness, summer, and pop of color.

Summer: I picked cherries this morning.  Nothing says summer is here like a big bucket of cherries waiting to be cleaned.

Cherry Tree

Then and Now:  We had tons of cherry blossoms earlier in the spring, and now I have lots of cherries on my tree.

cherry collage

Happiness:  Sometimes we have to look at what we have and make our own happiness.

bowl of cherries_1728ew

Indulge: Maybe I’ll indulge in making more wine with the cherries if we also have a good apple crop.

fruit wine

Pop of Color: Of course, that bright red stands out and makes a bold statement.



What do you think?  What should I do with this batch of cherries?

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Summer Scavenger Hunt

The items for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday are: season, what I’m looking at, in motion, it means a lot to me, and photographer’s choice.

I’m loving summer!  I’m done working and get to spend all my time on the farm.  That makes it my favorite season.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful too.


I love seeing happy, healthy goats in a lush pasture.  I especially like seeing Bud out there looking good considering how sick he was last fall.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to daily check to make sure he’s dripping urine and I worry about urine scald and infections, but he seems happy.  I do adore that boy, and it means a lot to me that he’s still here and doing well.

Goat Pasture_0977ew

When I was walking out in pasture earlier this week, I captured this heron in motion.  I’ve seen quite a few flying over this spring/summer.  I really need a pond.

Heron collage w

This is a flower I saw in the pasture.  I’m not sure what I’m looking at, but it’s a pretty little one.


Photographer’s Choice.  I was thrilled to see this spider wort open and bloom this week.  I thought the whole clump had died over the winter.  There’s hardly any left, but hopefully they’ll recover.

spider wort collage w

There’s a lot to love about summer!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

How does the week go by so quickly?  It’s time for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday already.  This week’s items are: together, black and white, flowers, grass and abstract.

Flowers: My peonies are opening.


I kind of decided to use them for abstract too because I’m not much good with abstract.  I’m a concrete reality type of girl.

peony collage w

Black and white:  Annie is my little black and white girl.  I adore her, and I’m glad she’s staying on the farm forever!

Annie collage w

Grass.  We have tons of grass in pasture right now.  There’s a bit of clover mixed in too.

Grass collage w

The kids have to stick together so they don’t get lost in the tall grass.

goats in pasture_0700ew I’d hate to lose one out there in all the grass.

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