Just Some Goats

It was a nice but breezy day to join the goats in pasture.

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

I love seeing them out here eating, scratching, and snoozing.

Bud and Moose

Bud and Moose



Whenever I’m out here taking pictures, it never fails that I get a real close look at Marley. (Hope it’s close enough to macro.)  It’s a good thing he’s a sweet boy.

wether eye and horn

I think he’s handsome.  No wonder his boy, Fionn, is such a good looking guy too.

Marley Fionn


I have to say, my favorite thing to see is those sweet mother/kid bonding moments.

Wanda and Muffin Penny and Patch

Wanda and Muffin
Penny and Patch

They are amazing!

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The Integration of Llenny the Llama

I was thrilled for Friday to arrive this week because we were scheduled to integrate Llenny into the goat herd.  My son helped on Friday evening, and we had him out with the goats on a lead.  It went so well that the next morning I opened the little red gate.



He’s been a bit of a pacer up there by himself.  I’m glad to stop the expansion of the Llenny Trench along my fence.  I really almost fell on my butt when I went up there later.

llama going through gate_8380ew

He came out and explored the barnyard.


llama licking salt_8431ew

Somehow, he still had a fence between him and the goats because they just happened to be in the other half of the barnyard.  They went out to pasture leaving him up here, which gave him time to explore and get comfortable.

llama goats_8400ew

My only concern was him seeing the dog, but he’s gotten used to her.  He did sound his high alert once, (you can hear it HERE) but then he went back to exploring.

llama 8414ew

Finally, the goats came back, and he was on a quest to sniff one.

llama 5kids_8580ew

Five kids running

llama sniffing kid_8556ew

Sniffing a little kid

He wasn’t quite ready to go through the barn.

llama looking in barn_8447ew

Peeking around my walls

Eventually, he did.  It even seemed like a good place to take short rest.

llama laying in barn_8825ew

Looking sweet

Finally, by evening, he made it out to pasture.

llama goats pasture_9044ew

llama goats pasture_9020ew

The goats are still a bit nervous around him, but he is really just doing his own thing.  In the photos it might look like he was chasing them, but he was really still just walking and exploring and sniffing everything he went past.  When the goats didn’t move, he walked past.  If they ran from him, he just walked.  He wasn’t going after them at all.  You can see that in a video HERE.

Even though I turned him out onto forty acres, he’s still willing to come up (really close) and see me.

llama nose_9173ew

llama grass_9177ew

I certainly think he liked what he saw (me, goats and green stuff).

llama eye_9176ew

I’m glad to have a llama back on the farm!

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Spring Flowers

This is such a beautiful time of year with all the flowers blooming.  The bleeding hearts are lovely.

Bleeding Heart_7532ew

Bleeding Heart 2_7792ew

I’ve never seen the apple tree so covered in blossoms.

Apple Tree_7987ew

Hopefully it doesn’t finish falling over before the apples are all harvested.

Apple Blossom_7804ew


The bees are loving all those blossoms!



The crabapple has huge blooms this year.


The whole tree is covered.  Considering how damaged it was in a storm a few years ago, I’m amazed at how nice it looks.


I have a few columbine.


The lilacs are just starting to open and smell heavenly.



I have to say, Stella has been hard on my flowers.  I don’t have any tulips or daffodils left.

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