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Weekend Hodgepodge

22 May

As summer gets closer, the bleeding hearts are almost done blooming.  This one still looked pretty though.

bleeding heart_7283ews

While I was working in the garden this weekend, (more on that in a later post) I saw a butterfly.  It flew all over and when it finally settled, it was on me.

butterfly selfie_7250ews

It was kind enough to move to the peony and pose there too.



The peonies are getting closer to blooming.



The little squirrels are still making me smile.  This one seems to be a natural model.

Squirrel_7337ewsI hope they stay here.  As a bonus, here’s Cinnamon’s girl, Sage.


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Mostly Wild Flowers

15 May

I found some wild flowers in the pasture during my walks this weekend.

SOOC Mayapple

SOOC Mayapple


SOOC violet

SOOC violet








I like the way the lamb’s ear was growing in the old stump.

lambs ear_6615ews

I also found a little bug.



There was also a little toadstool.  Sadly, no morels this year.



I also found another columbine in the yard.



The geranium is from my house.  It was a mother’s day gift from two years ago (I think).



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Happenings in the Soap Room

8 May

The Good.  I have still been busy working on inventory for the soap room.  Of course, people keep buying things, so I never get ahead.  That’s a good thing!  I am still making candles.

Nag Champa

Nag Champa

I have some new fragrances too.

Fresh Mango

Fresh Mango

French Vanilla

French Vanilla

My next new fragrance…



The Random.  Attached to the soap room, is the milk room.  I finally got this thing put in the wall.

milk room_6297ews

I put a leash and collar on there.

milk room_6295ews

Then I sneakily invite a goat in to snack on some corn, but it’s a trap!  I am working hard on getting caught up trimming hooves.  It’s much easier to do it in the soap room because I don’t have three wethers and Minnie rubbing their faces on my butt while I’m working on a goat, and Reva isn’t there trying to beat someone up while I have them tied and helpless.

milk room_6294ews

The Fun.  It’s easy to get the goats to check out the milk room because I think Clover has been telling them that she gets to go in and eat corn while I milk her.  Whenever she hears me, she’s ready to come in and be milked, whether it’s time or not.

Clover ew


I am getting more milk from her than I can keep up with.  I still have full freezers from last year since I don’t have any real bottle kids.


I’ve frozen a lot in cubes for making soap.  I really need to buy another freezer.


I tried making yogurt, but my culture was old and didn’t work, so I have new culture ordered and scheduled to arrive Wednesday.  I might be living off yogurt then.  I also have ordered more bottles to put my lotion in, and they are supposed to arrive Monday.  In the meantime, I found a new use for my extra goat milk.


It would be a shame to let it go to waste.

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