Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week Ashley gave us the following items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday:  frosty, folded, rocky, soft, and dual or two.

Of course, I’m using my two boys for soft.  Tommy and PJ are both soft, sweet, cuddly, and know how to pose for a picture.

Tommy and PJ

Tommy and PJ

They are twins, so that means there are two of them.  This is their great-aunt Muffin with them.

Doe and bucklings_1266ews

I couldn’t find anything frosty, but the hay outside the door was icy.  Hope that’s good enough.

icy grass_1260ews

Why was it icy?  The snow melted and folded over the roof of the building (work with me.  I don’t want to show you my folded laundry) and yesterday it was melting and crashing down.

icy roof_1283ews

Finally, we have Wanda in my flower rocky garden.

Wanda Jane van de Yell

Wanda Jane van de Yell

I’m pretty sure there are no flowers left in there after all the yard goats.

If you want to join me for Friday’s Hunt next week, the items are listed at the top of my sidebar.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The list for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday is:  favorite, angled, curved, cropped, and texture.

Cropped:  Here are a couple of highly cropped images from the visitor I had yesterday morning.

coyote collage ws

I am glad he was just passing by because Llenny was nowhere to be seen.  Llazy lloafing llama.



Curved:  I’m also glad the geese were not out on the very same hill when the coyote went by because I’d prefer they stick around to be annoying and make me laugh rather than being a coyote’s lunch.  You’ll notice the curved lines from where we made hay off the pasture last fall.


Angled:  Speaking of hay, we’re half way through the winter, and you can tell I’ve used some hay from the barn.  Luckily, I have plenty left for the second half of the winter.

barn hay_0837ews

barn collage ws

Texture and Favorite:  Myson was using the dangling, rusty hinge to entertain himself yesterday.

Myson Osboer

Myson Osboer

macro wether collage ws

I’m not going to tell you whether the image is a favorite or Myson is a favorite.  You’ll just have to guess on that one.  Another guess…

If you pay close attention to my sidebar, you might be able to guess what’s coming in tomorrow’s post! ;-)

I do hope you’ll come back on Friday to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  If you wish to participate, the items are at the top of my sidebar.

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A Happy Helen

I talked to the vet yesterday and cancelled the appointment I had set up for Monday.  Instead, I stopped and got a different pain killer/anti-inflammatory for her.

Helen Osboer

Helen Osboer

It’s a pill.  Luckily for me, Helen likes peanut butter.

goat meds collage

She was very happy to see that spoon of Skippy super chunk.  She didn’t seem to notice the extra little crunchy chunks in it.

goat collage

I did have to let her finish the rest of it off my finger.

Goat Meds_0597ews

By then, some nosy kid thought she should get some too.

Helen, Hilda (crunched in the middle), and Hazel

Helen, Hilda (crunched in the middle), and Hazel

Helen seems to be still doing better, so we’re in a holding pattern of meds and babying her for now.  She seems happy with that.

I do hope you’ll come back to link up to Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my sidebar.

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