Green, Green Grass Scavenger Hunt

I’m late for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, so I’m combining it with Song-ography.  The scavenger hunt items are:  what I did today, green, errand, in my kitchen and something old.  We had our choice for Song-ography, so I chose The Green, Green Grass of Home written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

I hope Millie isn’t mad that I’m using her for something old.  Really, she’s eleven, and I didn’t think she’d ever make it this far.  I’m certainly glad she has.



I do have her and Joe up north now.  They might think of it as a gray prison wall, but they do struggle with keeping up out in pasture.



They do still have green grass up there. And they even have old oak trees to stand beneath.

Grass under  hoof

What I did today was my first game of hide-n-goat-seek.  It took 2 1/2 hours, but I won.  Silly Sallie took Annie out to pasture and left her.  I’m certainly going to shut them in while I’m at work tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain all day.



While all the goats were lounging on the hill just down the lane, Moose went on an errand to see if I’d put out any yummy hay.  He sure enough found the bit I’d put out for Sallie.



Finally, I have a ton of eggs in my kitchen.  I think I need to put a notice on Facebook that I have eggs for sale.


Not even Snickers can keep up with the hens now.

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Still Waiting

I’m still waiting on Sallie to have her kids.  That means sleepless nights and worrying during they day.  I’m lucky to have family that will come check on her while I’m at work tomorrow.



Despite the lack of sleep, I did get some stuff done this weekend.  My dad came out and helped me replace the light fixture that wasn’t working.  Truth be told, I helped.  He did it.

Light bulb

I’ve also been talking to my dad and nephew about my plans.  I have to make some changes here and up north.  I think I have a more realistic and affordable plan that will still let me do most everything I want to do.  It also includes a new garage/buck pen.  That’s kind of a necessity since the boys now have a sun roof and almost no walls.

Garage Bucks_0090ew

Hopefully, I’ll have kid pictures to share with you soon.  Come on, Sallie!

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The Change of Seasons

For the last couple of days, it’s been a serious good-bye to winter.  The sun is shining and bringing our temperatures up to above average.


I was surprised to find this little fellow going for a stroll across the patio.


Out in the pasture, the snow is melting and the ditch is filling up.


running water

This change means we’ve solidly hit the mud season.


Dolly Street (and her shadow)

With the warmer weather and the goats going out to pasture, they’ve decided their hay makes a nice place to stay dry.  Well, it might make a decent snack too.


Pistol Osboer

Did I mention there’s lots of mud?


Chinese goose

I’m not even going to complain about it.  Well, for a few days at least.

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