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Having My Babies

6 Jun

After a whole night of checking Sallie every hour because she was standing like she was in labor, her day passed without any kids also.  Saturday night was looking to be another every hour check.  Thankfully, between my midnight and one in the morning check, she had given birth.  Two girls.

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Sadly, Sallie has mastitis, so I am bottle feeding her kids.  One is doing great, but the other is not doing well. I’m not sure if she drank colostrum with bacteria or what.  I’m hoping for the best and giving her antibiotics.

Then in the afternoon, when I was going back to check on Sallie and her girls, I heard a kid cry.  I was afraid Harley lost a kid in pasture, but no!  Maggie was in the Quonset hut with a brand new Strawberry kid.

Maggie and Strawberry

Maggie and Strawberry

After a while, she tried having the second, but it had a front leg bent back from the shoulder, so I had to straighten that out before Chocolate could arrive.

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Then she finally moved the thir baby into place, bu there was only one leg and some other body part down there.  I finally figured out it was a back leg and tail.  I had to go in and find the other leg and get it straightened out before Vanilla arrived.

Maggie and Vanilla

Maggie and Vanilla

Just a short time after that, I was coming out to give Sallie’s girls a bottle andn saw Vixen had long strings of stuff hanging.  When I got closer, I could see two feet and a nose all right there.  I straightened out the front legs, and her  baby fell out.

Vixen's buck

Vixen’s buck

He was immediately followed by his sister.  You can check out a video of these two HERE.  You can also get much more up-to-the-minute kidding news there.

Saanen Doe_8462ews

Vixen’s Doe

This one is just what I asked for!  A pretty little Sam and Vixen doe with wattles who is also super sweet!  I forgot to put in the request for no entropion eye though.

Vixen's Doe

Vixen’s Doe

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Goats and Goslings

29 May

Last night Vixen didn’t want to go back out to pasture.  She was trying to rest in the Love Shack, but the geese on nests tried biting at her when she was trying to get comfortable.  So I put a panel across keeping her safe from the geese.  Bud also decided he didn’t want to go out to pasture.  He hurt his back leg and I think the meds the vet gave him were wearing off.  I gave him another dose of pain killer/anti-inflammatory medicine, but he was flopped out (on top of a goose nest) acting like he was dying.  The other goose on her nest thought he was a bit melodramatic.

African goose, Bud, and Vixen

African goose, Bud, and Vixen

Bud was feeling better again this morning, and he went out to pasture.  I do still have Vixen shut in.  I’m not sure when she’s due, but her udder is big enough she’s rubbing it raw (the little pink triangle).  I figure she can rest and eat hay in the Love Shack until she kids.



When I went to go get her some hay, I opened the door and saw this.


When I came back to show my mom, there was another gosling!


Aren’t they cute! I love how they are snuggled together!  With so many eggs left under her, who knows how many she’ll end up with.


Hopefully, someone will be able to actually raise one or two.

Finally, here’s random picture of my goofy Fionn.


He had been trying to head butt a fence post when I said his name.

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Weekend Hodgepodge

22 May

As summer gets closer, the bleeding hearts are almost done blooming.  This one still looked pretty though.

bleeding heart_7283ews

While I was working in the garden this weekend, (more on that in a later post) I saw a butterfly.  It flew all over and when it finally settled, it was on me.

butterfly selfie_7250ews

It was kind enough to move to the peony and pose there too.



The peonies are getting closer to blooming.



The little squirrels are still making me smile.  This one seems to be a natural model.

Squirrel_7337ewsI hope they stay here.  As a bonus, here’s Cinnamon’s girl, Sage.


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