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More Leftovers

22 Jan

I have to confess, I’m finally posting the last of the hoarfrost pictures and other leftovers.  At least there’s lots of cute goats in this batch.

Aphrodite, Myson, and Joani

Freddie and Tiger

Dolly having leftover hay for breakfast

Edith and Kate


Margarita and Butterscotch


Reva enjoying the sun




ISU cows behind Tiger, 2TC, and Trace in the Love Shack

Bob and Sky on my deck that gets replaced next spring

Another Hoarfrost Dump

11 Jan

I promise this is the last big post of just hoarfrost pictures.

Caroline and Flora

Aphrodite, Flower Joani, Myson

Marin, Penelope

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Aurora and Maybeline


But there might still be a few more that get snuck in here or there.

More Hoarfrost Pictures

6 Jan

These are more of the pictures from last Sunday. It’s kind of a lot, but I really just couldn’t stop taking pictures.

My pictures just cannot do justice to the beauty of that morning.