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Blue Skies and Warmer Temperatures

9 Jan

It’s hard to believe, but 10*F with calm winds and sunshine can feel absolutely warm after the horrid windy cold days we’ve had.  We were all enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Little Bit

Little Bit



llama and goats

Kizzy, Betty Lou, and Djali



Maxine and Norma Jean

Maxine and Norma Jean



moon in afternoon sky

By this weekend, when we’re supposed to be up to the thirties, we’ll be digging out our summer clothes!

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Winter Wonderland

24 Dec

Our snow over the weekend has certainly made it look like Christmas.





snowy deck

snowdrifts by stumps

snowy gate

snow on hydrant

winter sun and sky

snow on fence post

snowy weeds

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.  Happy Wednesday to everyone else.

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The Goats in Pasture

19 Dec

I usually lock the goats off the pasture during the winter.  It lets the pasture rest and I don’t worry about the goats out there during hunting season.

goats in snowy pasture

With MJ staying on this side rather than going up north with Maxine and Norma Jean, I can’t keep them in.  MJ has always liked playing with gates, and it’s no challenge for him to open it and let everyone out to pasture.

snowy pasture with goats

I’m still feeding them hay to make sure nobody is starving, so this is just dessert for them.

goats browsing in snowy pasture

I guess it’s good to keep the goats occupied.  We don’t have so many spats with forty girls all locked up together.

doe goat in snowy pasture

I think we’d all be less cranky with some sunshine.

Boer goat in snowy pasture

White snow, white sky, and white goats make for hard photography.  Luckily Mary has a red head.  We’ve had a bit of sunshine, but it’s all while I’ve been at work this week, and now we’re looking at more cloudy, rainy and snowy weather this weekend.

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