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We’ve Been Rainy

25 Jun

The last several days have been rainy.  Luckily I’m not flooding and the weather hasn’t been severe, but it’s been hard to get out and do things.

Running back to the barn because of another pop-up shower. (Notice Casey trying to snag a walnut leaf on his way by and Moose piggy backing off him. That’s what brothers-from-another-mother are for!)

That means I’ve been doing in-the-house things, like knitting.  I’m doing one more practice rug with the giant needles before I start the round Maybeline rug.

I’ve been doing more coasters too.

If Antigone were in this picture, it would be the trifecta of brattiness.

Cupid and Hera

The little kids up north have been having fun on the tree between showers.

The spiderworts are blooming.  I actually have one bunch left in front of the dog house.

This poor admiral butterfly was having a hard time flying with the bent wing.

Snickers lounging on the deck.

I’ve also been repotting some of my house plants as I keep preparing for the new windows to be put in later this summer.

Hopefully, today is the start of a less rainy period.  I’ve got outside stuff to do!


Moving and Birthing

18 Jun

I decided I had to move my moms from the two buildings where they were penned to the north paddock.

Daisy and Dahlia

Unfortunately, I still have a lot of my March babies up there.

Bubbles, Sacagewea, Moira, Squanto, Angela, John and Tootles

That means it’s kind of crowded and going to get eaten down, and I don’t have enough shelter if we get bad storms. I’d have to go out and move someone.  I’m thinking aobut letting Bubbles and a couple of other kids back with the big herd, but I don’t want to put kids out there to reunite with their moms to be sold in just a couple of weeks.  We’ll see how it goes.

Bubbles (these kids never stand still)

It wasn’t too bad to get everyone moved up there.

Bambi and Lucky

I also spent a big part of the day putting chicken wire on the panels between the yard and barnyard. Pepe was a good little helper.  He was nibbling my ear and being pretty sweet.


The chicken wire was necessary though because the little babies just zip through the cattle panels like nothing, and Sky would treat them like they were a funny-colored short-tailed squirrel.  That would  not be good.


I really had to get them moved because I did not have room for poor LilyAnn.  I had to shut her in because she had her kid!

LilyAnn and her baby

She had one big boy.


I think his name is Ringo (because of the little ring of white around his one front ankle.


Now we’re just waiting on Vinnie.  Come on, Vinnie!  I want to sleep!

After One Week

17 Jun

Last Monday was my last day teaching, and I think we’re settling into summer mode here on the farm.  Sky is implementing his plan of lounging in the house.  He goes between the pillows and the air conditioner vent.


Snickers is embracing his role a supervisor.  He is into supervises everything I do.


He did approve my job of planting strawberries.

Although, you can see I still have lots of work to do in the yard.  The rainy spring made has made it hard to make much progress outside.  I did, however, get the garden completely planted.

The hen is still free ranging.  I also have Mama Phoenix set up so I can put her outside for some fresh air.  I also gave her time to take a dirt bath the other day.  She’s doing amazingly well.

Mama Phoenix, free range hen, and Nugget

Not only do I have a hen free ranging, but one gosling decided that it was a good idea.  Sadly, the other gosling died in a freak accident.

The kids are growing.


Zinnia and Joy

Even though  he’s still tiny compared to Frisco, Penny’s littlest boy, Pipsqueak is getting bigger.

Frisco and Pipsqueak

Lucky enjoys bouncing on his maa, Bambi.

Lucky and Bambi

The March kids are really getting big!


I guess this is one way to get my gutters cleaned out.

All of my hiking in the back Forty looking for kids has given me plenty of opportunities to bird watch and see dragonflies.  Sadly, I seldom have my camera at those times.

red headed woodpecker and Baltimore oriole


I am so glad to be on summer break!