Another Crop Duster

I never get tired of photographing these guys.

Crop Duster_5412ew

Crop Duster_5444ew

Crop Duster_5502ew

Yes, those are fence posts that are a blur in the last picture.  They just amaze me.

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Random-ocity on Monday

There’s a squirrel that has taken up residence in a tree just inside the Back Forty.  I have plenty of opportunities to take pictures when I’m out there.


For some reason, he (or she) didn’t seem to want to have a video taken.  But you can see it HERE.


I checked my bean field over the weekend.  It’s sprouting!


That means we’re on our way to harvest in the fall.  Because we no-till, there’s still the leftovers from last year’s crops.  Those roots hold the soil in place to keep the soil from eroding.


I also had my uncle come and till my garden on Saturday.  We had a brief shower while he was tilling.  Then it cleared off until the overnight.

tractor tilling w

I rained all day Sunday, so I had to wait until today (about thirty minutes ago) to start planting.  It will probably be an all week event.  Plus we have rain in the forecast for most of the week, so I don’t know when I’ll get my row stuff planted.


I’m excited to have a garden again.  I really missed not having one last summer.

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Some Monday Randomocity

My beans were planted yesterday before the rains came.  That’s a good thing.  I’m not looking forward to a good farming year because prices are way down, but I hope it will still make my farm payment.  With the beans getting planted before the rains came sweeping across the plains, it makes me think Oh What a Beautiful Morning.  I don’t want to make light of the severe weather that passed through my state and elsewhere yesterday.  I’m very grateful that we did not receive any damaging storms here.

Jeremy Farmer ew

planter collage w

Last night, I had to have the (new) vet come out and look at Bambi.  She ripped her udder.  It’s much better after being stitched up.

udder injury

dairy goat_9040ew

Llenny seems to think it’s fun out in pasture.

llama collage

Last night, I heard a noise and figured out he was sounding the alarm.  When I went to check out what he was upset about, I found it was a deer.


I’m going to quit listening to that boy if all he gets upset about is Stella and deer.

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