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8 Oct

It’s been quite the busy week with conferences, the farm and everything.  I’ve had no time to get the camera out or even think of anything.


This is from last week.  The beans are still in the field, but it won’t be long now before they’re ready to combine.

The Start of Fall

23 Sep

It’s beginning to look like fall out there, and it should since today is the official start of fall.  The pasture is still a lush green with all the rain we’ve had, which is good, but the beans are turning.


It won’t be long before they are harvested.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter S.  S is for Start of fall.

Another Crop Duster

13 Aug

I never get tired of photographing these guys.

Crop Duster_5412ew

Crop Duster_5444ew

Crop Duster_5502ew

Yes, those are fence posts that are a blur in the last picture.  They just amaze me.

Sharing with Good Fences.