Some Monday Randomocity

My beans were planted yesterday before the rains came.  That’s a good thing.  I’m not looking forward to a good farming year because prices are way down, but I hope it will still make my farm payment.  With the beans getting planted before the rains came sweeping across the plains, it makes me think Oh What a Beautiful Morning.  I don’t want to make light of the severe weather that passed through my state and elsewhere yesterday.  I’m very grateful that we did not receive any damaging storms here.

Jeremy Farmer ew

planter collage w

Last night, I had to have the (new) vet come out and look at Bambi.  She ripped her udder.  It’s much better after being stitched up.

udder injury

dairy goat_9040ew

Llenny seems to think it’s fun out in pasture.

llama collage

Last night, I heard a noise and figured out he was sounding the alarm.  When I went to check out what he was upset about, I found it was a deer.


I’m going to quit listening to that boy if all he gets upset about is Stella and deer.

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First of May

Happy May Day!  Blessed Beltane!  It’s the first of May.  That means, a progress report on what’s going on up north.  I actually have progress to report this month.


They came and tiled the corner where I want to plant pumpkins.

tiling field

They had to remove the fallen tree to do that.  My nephew also removed a couple of other old tree stumps.  It’s a lot easier now to see what a big space it really is.  I can plant around the corner to the middle tree in the background.


While they were tiling, they looked at my crop maps.  Productivity was not very good in this area of my corn/bean field, so they also ran a line of tile up into the field.  It should help my yields there too.

tiling crop land_7894w

Hopefully, by the first of next month, we’ll get this area disked and planted with pumpkins.

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1st of the Month Goal

Several years ago, I participated in a meme called 1st of the month.  It was a lot of fun.  We recorded one thing the first of each month and shared.  I started with the cottonwood tree where the great horned owls nested.  The next year, I did my back yard.  Well, the meme is gone, but I want to start sharing the first of each month what’s going on up north on my farm.

Farm site

I’ve decided this is the year.  No more talking about doing things and not getting it done.  I know there won’t be much change in the next couple of months, but I’m hoping there will be lots of changes when the weather starts warming up again.


We need to do some cleaning where the old trailer was.


The cougar cages have got to go. Yes, I said cougar cages.

Cougar Cages

There’s an old well beneath the windmill that needs filled in.


There are piles of brush that need burned.  I still haven’t heard back from my handyman on replacing doors on the shed, which isn’t very handy.  Those windows in the back are really just little raccoon doors.


Then there’s the tiling that needs done, so we can plant a big pumpkin patch.


I’m hoping to show lots of progress over the next year.  You see, the longer I work at my off-farm job the more bitter and resentful I become.  That’s not what I want, and it’s taking it’s toll on my health.  It’s time to make that leap of faith and go for the goal of having the farm be my only place of work.

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