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The Difference Rain Can Make

17 Aug

It’s hard to believe that it was less than a week ago I shared how everything was suffering with drought.  After a couple of inches of rain over the last few days, everything looks much better!

The bean pods are still pretty flat, but you can see where they are starting to think about filling out.

Probably the biggest difference can be seen in the buffer strip where goats and cows aren’t eating.

We could use a whole lot more rain to really get caught up, but I feel much better about things now.

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I Get to Find Out

15 Aug

I am so happy to say that I will get to find out if a good rain can save my soybean!  Monday morning started with showers.

They were beautiful rain showers that gave me 1 3/4 inches.

If I had known starting to do some dirt work and locking the bucks and llamas out of their shelter for a couple of days was all it would take to get some rain, I’d have done it a month ago.

In other news, I have unhappy llamas.  (But I don’t care because we got rain.)

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.

The Drought Continues

13 Aug

We are in worsening drought conditions.  I think we’ve had sprinkles once or twice, but every time the radar shows rain moving in, it fizzles out and we are stuck with dust.

My pasture is hanging in there.  It’s crunchy and dry, but it will still feed the animals. It’s just about like eating hay.

Goats and cattle on the Back Forty and llamas on the front pasture

My soybean plants look amazing.

There’s tons of little pods on there, but not a single bean in a pod.  I’m not even sure a good rain this week would have time for them to fully develop before the plants die down.  I guess that’s why I have crop insurance; although, I’d prefer selling my crop.

Despite brown grass that hasn’t grown since the last time we made hay, the alfalfa is growing. It has a deep root system.

We do have a bit of a chance for rain this week.  Hopefully, I’ll find out whether or not it will save the soybeans. I know it would help my pasture.