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When It Doesn’t Rain

28 Jun

Can you guess what I did today?


I took my garden hoses and hooked them to my barnyard hose and went from the hydrant (below the magnolia tree where the arrow is pointing) across both sides of the barnyard, the tall grass, and the buffer strip to the edge of the pumpkin patch.


Then I filled nine buckets with lids with my well water so I could water the entire acre of pumpkins.


I went to the far side of the patch and started watering.  One bucket for each row.  Then I had to refill and finish from this side.

pumpkin patch_0335ews

The plants that came up from the first and second plantings are getting big.  Quite a few have already come up from when I hand planted last week.  I’m optimistic that a few more will come up.


It looks like we’ll have pumpkins!  That is as long as I keep hauling water to them.  Better yet, our dry spell could end.

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22 Jun

June is supposed to be beautiful and green and wonderful.  This year, June has been hot and miserable.  We’ve had eleven days at 87*F (30.5*C) or hotter.  Five of them were above 90*F (32.2*C).  With our humidity, the heat indexes have been dangerous. Add to that we’ve had a total of two-tenths an inch of rain all month, and it’s really not a pretty or happy place to be right now.  Not to mention, it makes me cranky.

rain barn_9683ews

The rains seem to always skirt the farm.  Last night, we got a tenth of an inch while people an hour or so north of me got four or five inches.


The buffer strip that was just mowed for hay looks like it’s late August out there, and the ground is rock hard.


Because of the horrible dry conditions since we planted pumpkins, I haven’t had very many come up.

pumpkin plants_9655ews

Yesterday, before the rains, I re-planted the acre of pumpkins.  This time, I did it by hand because the planter was not very consistent and broke some seeds.  Thankfully, my mom helped me with a couple of rows, but it was a long miserable day, and I have the blisters to prove it.

pumpkin plants_9656ews

We better get the necessary rain for them to germinate because there will be no more opportunities for re-planting.  Please, Mother Nature, send us the needed rain for our crops.

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Mowing the Bottoms

16 Jun

My nephew came today and mowed the waterways and the bottoms in the back forty.



There’s a lot of hay out there.  It will be more than what I need for the year.



The rest will be my nephew’s for his cows.hay_9094ws

Don’t tell, but the inspector goats were on duty to make sure it was up to their quality.


It passed the test, and then they were back to the taller grasses to eat.


Hopefully, we’ll get some rain, and then we’ll make another cutting later.

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