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3 Dec

Our weather has continued to be a roller coaster. Friday, it was in the mid fifties.  When I got up this morning it was right as single digits with a negative wind chill.

Perdita and Astra basking in the shelter of the barn

And the winds were howling overnight. We had strong sustained winds with gusts over fifty miles per hour.  That means the winds provided a delicious treat for the goats.

I’ve never seen so many corn stalks blow into the fence and pasture.


Heidi, Hilda and Purl

They truly enjoyed it!

Another Friday Photodump

2 Dec

I can’t believe we’re already in December.

Mr. Peacock seems to have shaken his cold (thankfully)

Purl, Ostara, and Cupid at the mineral block


Margarita with Terry before she was sold

Easter Egg Hen (needed her toenails trimmed too last weekend)


Popcorn. The cattle tank is still working (and so is the hydrant with the warmer weather).


Aphrodite rubbing on Ava

My nephew planting rye–cover crops is the newest effort we’re making to try and help the Earth.


Miss Goose

Heidi likes going in for sweet feed


sparrow on the cattle panel

And I couldn’t pick just one, so you get a bunch of the little downy woodpecker who really didn’t mind being photographed.

Here’s to a great weekend!


24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am truly grateful that when I came home on Monday, I found that my corn had been harvested.

While I was doing chores, I heard a bird, so I was thrilled when I saw it sitting in my oak tree.

The eagles like to hang out where fields are getting combined because it causes all kinds of little prey to become visible.

Unfortunately, this beauty didn’t like me watching, it finally took off.

But it was amazing to see.

the next evening

And when I came home the next evening, the eagle was back in the same tree.

It still wasn’t a fan of being photographed, but I still took my parting shots.

And it’s a sunset on this year’s crop season.