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25 Sep

My soybeans were harvested this weekend.  When I came home from work on Friday, the field had been partially combined.

partially harvested

But there was just enough drizzle to stop them from working.

The truck waiting to accept beans from the combine

It wasn’t long until they were back out there combining again.

They had another truck to dump the beans into.

They finished just about sunset.

It’s a good feeling to have it done.

The Bean Crop

9 Sep

As bad as the drought has been and the way my garden struggled (worst year ever) and the way the beans were looking just a few weeks ago, I was afraid to go check them again.  They still have a lot of green in them.

the bean field

On the south side of the field, they are really turning though.

I finally decided I had to go check them out, and they actually have beans!

There will be a harvest.  It might not be the best, but there will be a harvest.

An Overnight Rain

21 Aug

The forecast called for a bit of rain last night.  I never get too optimistic, because the drought has been relentless.  The weatherman did say it wasn’t going to be a drought buster, but at this point, we don’t want enough rain to end the drought in one shot.  But we did get some rain.

It was even enough to leave some puddles.

The chicory looks so fresh and clean.

It is wonderful seeing actual drops on the flowers because I am really tired of drought and dust.

It looks like Antigone didn’t make it inside.  That girl is the bottom of the pecking order.


My poor tarp tent for shade didn’t fare too well through it.

That’s okay. This fall I’ll take it down and cut it up to cover the west windows in the barn because those tarps are falling apart too.

Myson chatting with goats on the west side of the barn.

Now I just hope it was enough to help my beans finish filling out the pods.

If not, I’m probably not going to have much to harvest this fall.