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Some Leftovers

17 Apr

Just some leftovers from the last week or so because I am still crazy busy working from home.

Joker in front; Jester behind

Cupid, Tansy, and Tiger


Cutie and Milo



the herd heading to the barnyard

Mary with Trace and Quatro napping

Here’s to a good weekend!

Leo Ignatius Bittendorf

9 Mar

My heart is breaking.  Leo was the best snuggler I’ve ever met in my life.

He loved everyone, and they seemed to return his kindness.


I will miss him.

This and That

7 Mar

The hens have started laying eggs again. 

SOOC (straight out of chicken)

It seems to be the start of cat fighting season.  I am not a fan of this season.

Bob Cat

Rocky cracks me up.  He always lies like this.


I’m still knitting.  I’m up to five completed hooded scarves and started a sixth.  This pattern is so easy  that I can still knit it when I’m sleep deprived from checking goats in the middle of the night. I think I need to sell some so I have money to buy more yarn.

I am bringing all of my products home from the store in Des Moines.  It just wasn’t working for me.  I’m thinking about Etsy or something else.  I do have my on-line store, but there’s something to be said for the platform recognition with Etsy.

goats milk soap

dish cloths

I’m also trying to add fine art prints to the items I have for sale.  I love the paper they are printed on.  It’s a really heavy art paper.

Wish me luck finding a venue that works better.

And Sky.


Why is it every time he’s lying there looking handsome and I got to take his picture, he jumps up to come see me?