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5 Aug

My walk the other day was filled with lots of butterflies!

The only monarch picture because they are rudely uncooperative, unlike the swallowtails.

And a couple of Japanese beetles.

Just Some Pictures

20 Jul

Here are a few leftovers of random things that were just for fun.

You can hear buzzing everywhere in the clover patch.

I was waiting for the monarch to open its wings.

When it did, it was to fly away.

one of the peacocks

a toad showed up after one of our rains


red-headed woodpecker outside my window

A couple of sulfur butterflies



Random Shots

13 Jul

Stitch and Purl and doing well.  Purl is still my sweet little girl.  I think I was successful in getting her to like me.

Stitch and Purl

Poor Maybeline does not tolerate the heat well, and it does nasty things to her fleece.


My handsome dog.


Here’s another of the Queen Anne’s lace after the storm.

I forgot to add these to yesterday’s post.  I think Bob got caught out in the storm.

Bob Cat

Poor baby.  I hope he didn’t get hit by any of that hail.

Xerxes is so handsome!


I think Freddie has adjusted to the move into the paddock with his half-brother (Xerxes) quite well.


A swallowtail from when I was doing chores the other day.

swallowtail butterfly

Pluto is still a sweet boy.


He’s also still really short.  He certainly inherited every drop of mini-goat from both sides.