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14 Sep

Just some critters I’ve photographed around the farm in the last week or so.

Honeybee on chives

moth on goldenrod


northern flicker

red headed woodpecker



northern flicker

tree frog on my garage

This is a pretty time of year.



7 Sep

When I was walking back in pasture, I was also checking the clover.

fritillary on clover

That might seem like a silly thing to do, but when we get into September, the clover changes as the weather gets cooler, and that change can lead to those fatal bladder stones in my wethers.


I have to say, there’s not as much clover back there as there used to be.  I think the cows last summer did a good job of keeping it eaten down so it didn’t go to seed.

I’m still not sure I want to risk leaving my boys back there.

Moose (with his maa, Maisie, behind him)

Soon I’ll have to decide if they are going to stay on the Back Forty or get moved to the front pasture.


I’m pretty sure I’m of the opinion that it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to my fat boys’ health.

Scenes from Pasture

30 Aug

bug on the wild aster

Pretty sure this was right before they flew the coop.

barn swallows


Fritillary on alfalfa

A squirrel was enjoying the walnuts that grow in the pasture.


I think there were a pair of newly fledged barn swallows (but not from the nest above).  At least, I was getting dived at by another one, and these two just sat there unconcerned about my presence.

We’ve had enough rain that it’s still green and pretty out in pasture right now.  There are lots of wildlife too.