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Good Random Fun

27 Dec

We’ve had quite a bit of winter weather, and we have more in the forecast.  They are predicting around seven inches of snow for tomorrow with blizzard strength winds.  I’ve done all I can to prepare for it.

winter collage ew

I made sure I fed the birds well today.  There’s still food in the feeders, and I’ll set the bowl out again when it isn’t going to blow off the deck.

blue jay_9231ew

bird collage ew


After my family was here for Christmas Eve, I seemed to have gained a Santa hat.  If nobody claims it, I’ll wait for the snow to stop and then put it on a goat for a post-Christmas holiday photo shoot.

santa hat_9176e2w

I’ll be ready for next year then!

Please consider coming back and joining me for my new meme, Friday’s Hunt.  The items for the hunt are listed in the upper right corner of the sidebar, or you can read more about it here.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

3 Aug

Today’s topics for the Scavenger Hunt are: two things, animal, handwriting, frozen, and naptime.

Two Things:  These are Helen’s two things, Clark and Kent.

Clark and Kent

Clark and Kent

Animal:  The peacock is still hanging around.  He seems to like hanging out with my birds, and he really likes the grain I feed him every day.

Young male peacock


Handwriting:  About the only thing I’ve written by hand lately is the itinerary for the wedding next Saturday.  I have a couple of my notes on there, but my head is just swirling with ideas (and I have a couple of typed checklists, too, so I don’t forget anything).  I love that the bride is organized and knows what she wants and has talked to me about it.


Frozen:  I have nothing frozen here, so you’ll have to accept that Will and Patty are frozen for all time in these images.

goat kids playing

Will and Patty

Will and Patty

Naptime:  Wanda thinks it’s naptime.  Her maa, Muffin, makes a good pillow.



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Summer is Here Scavenger Hunt

8 Jun

Summer’s arrived.  I’m done teaching for the year, so I’ve hung up my old denim bag.  I’ll bid it farewell until August.

denim bag collage

I kicked off the summer by lighting a fire Friday evening and sitting outside with a glass of wine.


It was a perfect night to sit there and watch the flames dance.

Fire collage

I have plenty of fuel for the fire with the limbs that fall from my oak trees.  Of course, this one is still across the sidewalk waiting to be cut into more useable lengths.


Snickers is trying to help me change my perspective into a slower more relaxed pace by being a good role model.



I might have to try that napping twenty hours a day thing.  Maybe not.  I have soap to make and my yard needs mowed again.

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