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25 Mar

When I got home from work on Friday, I released the moms in the garage and little south pen onto the entire front pasture.

Moms, kids, and the other girls on that side

I really need to get the moms out where they have all that pasture.  It’s almost impossible for me to put enough hay in there to feed all those girls–especially since I have four big pushy bratty girls in this group along with my shy ones.

Athena has been horrible

The kids were having a lot of fun playing.

kids by the gate

They did explore a little bit.

Purl’s girl

Purl with her girl to the right and Penelope’s to the left

Of course, I had to deal with the yearlings wanting to check the babies out and play with them..

Heidi checking out a baby

I did make sure everyone was shut back in the garage that night. I’m hoping, they will naturally move the kids over to the barnyard (greenhouse).

LilyAnn with one of her kids

Next weekend, I will try to get them switched with the ones who are kidding next.  This is a crazy fast turn around between rounds of kidding.