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Cute Babies

22 Mar

Breaking News!  Perdita did have her baby, just very late.  She did it all on her own in Love Shack (I had let her out), just like she was supposed to.  My last Freddie baby is a girl.

I’ll have to get a better picture soon.

And she didn’t have any milk, so we are helping her.  Hopefully, she’ll get her milk in soon.  If not, I’ve got a freezer full for just such an occasion.

With all the crazy, I haven’t even had time (or weather) to take pictures of the babies now that they are all cute and dried off.  Here’s my best efforts for now.

One of Aphrodite’s girls

Onyx’s girl, Melba

Hilda’s boys

Another of Hilda’s boys–Horace and Jasper

Athena’s girl

Aphrodite’s other girl

LilyAnn’s girl lost her clip and had to have it put back on

Hilda’s and Athena’s kids under the red heat lamp

That will be a big priority for this weekend–because I need a relaxing weekend.