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Making Adjustments

13 Mar

I think I left my post yesterday with Onyx and Melba (yeah, she’s that toast color) in the soap room.  It wasn’t long before Melba got warmed up and could nurse, so I put them back in the garage.

Melba and Onyx

With temperatures on Monday night supposed to be down to single digits, I knew I had to make more adjustments to my kidding plans.  The strong west wind didn’t help either because that’s why the buck room was so cold, causing Melba to get chilled.  I put a tarp over the sliding door. That helped.

Poor Victoria had to stay in the buck room by herself because she couldn’t get along with anyone else.  I swear, if they could just get along my life would be so much easier.

Victoria (under a red heat lamp)

I took the Ranger into town (yes, an open cab in the cold and wind) and left it at my son’s shop.  That made more room.

Athena, Caroline, and Antigone

That’s good because Athena was doing a lot of looking like she might be in early stages of labor.


Aphrodite had dropped and was also looking like she could go into labor soon, so I brought her in.


Cutie also dropped, but she’s not due until Friday.  But it’s cold, and I can’t take a chance.

Cutie while she was still in the greenhouse

So far, Hilda is just pretty chill, but she’s due on Tuesday, so I’m pretty sure I don’t want to leave her out when it’s that cold.


Somewhere between the Ranger out and goats in and tarping the door, I decided it was no longer safe for Tux to stay in the garage. A couple of goats might have wanted to kill him.  It’s a mom thing. So I moved him into the soap room.


He’s not happy with that, but it’s much safer in there and he hasn’t been out in the cold in so long, I can’t just let him out right now.

Tux was happier once I brought his blanket in for him.

And I still can’t decide whether or not Purl and Perdita are going to kid this week or wait until April because their udders are small enough that it makes me think it will be April.



And I still haven’t caught LilyAnn to put her on the kidding side of the barnyard.  It might be a long spring break.