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A Rough Start

12 Mar

The snow continued all afternoon and well into the evening.

goose headed into the barn

The hill is white again.

Throughout the day, when I checked the girls, I managed to catch a couple more to put on the side where we are kidding.

Athena in the greenhouse

I checked them all night, and somewhere early in the darkest part of morning, Onyx went into labor.  I came back every hour and then, when I checked her about six o’clock, I felt the baby’s bag.  It was still clear back and she wasn’t pushing, so I left her to give her a chance to push because she was not happy with me being there.  When I came back about fifteen minutes later she was lying down and pushing hard.

the next morning

I checked and the baby was head first, so I immediately went in and found the legs folded completely back, brought them in front, and pulled her.  But it was too late.  So many times, I have to wait for a vet or work for what seems like forever to get them out, but she was stuck where the umbilical cord could no longer provide for her and she wasn’t far enough out to breathe on her own, so we lost her.  I immediately went back in and pulled the second girl.

It wasn’t easy to get this one going with the cold (even in the buck room because of the strong west wind).  I finally put them in the soap room.  Sigh…

Baby was finally warm and sleeping

She and mom are finally doing well, but my heart breaks for losing the first little one.