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Moving Moms-to Be

7 Mar

You might recall that I had Caroline, Antigone, Penelope and Victoria on the front pasture.

Caroline and Victoria


I decided I was going to bring over three more girls–the first ones due–for right now.

Onyx, Purl, and Perdita

Onyx was hanging out by the gate, so she was easy to bring over.

Onyx is due on the 11th

Then Perdita was checking out what was going on, so I pulled her over.

Perdita is my only first timer

I had to go grab Purl, but she was also pretty easy to lead across the barnyard and in with the other girls.


The only goat who was difficult was Dolly.  Honestly. She was a brat,

Dolly looking sweet using Pluto as a pillow

but I got her over there. I want to make sure she is able to keep getting her extra sweet feed.

eating her sweet feed

So, it seems like things went well.  But that’s not the whole story.