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A Royal Pain

5 Mar

Miss Ostara is a royal pain.  I kept finding her on the Ranger.  She was constantly throwing Tux’s blanket down and covering his food up.  I found pellets on top of the freezer.


On top of all of that, she was not eating well.  That (and company to try and make Caroline feel better) was why I brought her into the garage.

Tansy, Cupid, and Ostara

Friday evening I kicked her out.  She was going to have to come out anyhow when I got ready for kidding.


She promptly jumped over the split door and into the middle part of the garage to eat with Caroline and Heidi.  At least she left without me chasing her forever.

Ostara, Heidi, and Pretzel

She was being naughty and fighting with Zora.

“And you call me bratopotamus” –Zora

I hope she eats better, and spring pasture is right around the corner.  Hopefully by next winter she’ll be more assertive about eating.