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Tote Bags

28 Feb

I got my new tote bag made from the corn bag.  I do like the barn.

Since I had to drag out the sewing machine, I decided to take an assembly line approach.

Salem was helping

I ended up making nine bags.

Then I noticed I only had one scratch grains left.  I looked through my pile of bags and did find one.  So I can make one more.

But the last couple of times I’ve had to buy scratch grains it was in a plain white bag.  I hoped it was going to be back to normal when I stopped last week to get more.  But they switched.  They had the Nutrena scratch grains, and that means a pretty new bag!

I’m not sure when I’ll get them made, but I have quite a few in stock to sell now.

And if anyone wants to order one, just let me know.  I’d be happy to put them in the mail.

A Walk in Pasture

27 Feb

Saturday morning, I decided I was going to take advantage of the warmer weekend weather to go for a walk.  Of course, I took my camera.

OK-the blue jay was in the yard, but I’m including it anyhow.

icicles on the barn on my way out to pasture

looking back at the barn; the goats did not join me

There was an eagle (sorry the photos are horribly cropped)

frost was still on the wood

the ditch was still frozen

and the grass was still icy

Sunshine and sparkling ice in the tops of the trees

old leaves on the oak tree still covered with ice

The ice from last week’s storm was still on the fence

A dead weed in the ditch on my way back to the house

Hope you enjoyed walking with me.

More From the Storm

26 Feb

I finally decided that maybe the ice was beautiful.  I still don’t want to drive in ice, but they did a good job of getting the main roads cleared.

That’s all ice on the ground, not snow.

icicles from the freezing rain, not any melting

slick deck

I stopped on my gravel road as soon as I turned off the highway because it was beautiful.

That next day, the driveways, side roads, and my gravel road were all still horrible.  But now we’re back to warm weather again, and tonight into tomorrow is supposed to bring over an inch of rain to our frozen ground.