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Bob Cat

25 Jan

I got Bob from the sale barn.  Really.  I took a set of bottle triplets down to sell and came home with a pair of kittens–one black and one yellow.  It took forever to come up with a name for the bigger yellow one, and in the meantime, my son just called him Yellow Kitty.


One day, I finally got fed up and asked him what he’d answer to, and he replied, “Bob.”  And that is how I got my Bob Cat.


It’s true.  He had the heart of a Bobcat.  I don’t know any other cat who would face down a coyote (Full Story).

He was farm cat through and through.  He really enjoyed going on hikes with me through pasture.

I lovingly referred to him as my LGC (livestock guardian cat); although, he did eventually get tired of kids because they tend to butt him.

Pepe behind Bob

He was always happiest outside.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t like the house either, especially when the weather was bad.

He loved snuggling with his dog or cuddling while I was knitting.

Sky and Bob sharing the register vent

He might have been cranky and grumpy, but it worked for him.  And he had those times when he could be magic for the camera.

Lately, he’s been in constant pain with the cancer, and it was time. I will miss my Bob Cat.