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More Girls for Frodo

10 Jan

Frodo and Penelope have been getting along quite well. They’re pretty in the north paddock.

Penelope and Frodo sharing a pile of hay

However, it was time to put a couple more girls with Frodo to make June babies.

Frodo (notice the tie on the gate)

I had actually tried to put Trace up there when I caught her and gave her copper, but I forgot I had the gate tied shut.  I couldn’t hold her with one hand and untie it with the other hand.


So I decided to do it over the weekend.  I was just Trace and Zinnia I had to move.


It really wasn’t too bad.  I just caught the girls while I was feeding grain.  I had remembered to remove the tie, so it was pretty easy to just put them in.

I’m going to leave Penelope because it will be easier to just have the four of them up there than deal with everyone picking on Penelope because I put her back in with the rest of the herd.

Penelope, Frodo, Trace, and Zinnia

Although, I’m not sure Zinnia was convinced she should stay up there.

They’ll be up there for a little while.  I think they should both come into heat in about two weeks.  Hopefully, Trace will finally settle.