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Adjusting the Schedule

8 Jan

I started feeding the goats hay when we were on our sick break from school; then we had just a few days before a snow day and then winter break.  Because of the horrible cold, I was feeding the goats in early afternoon.  That’s when it was the warmest for them to eat (and me to be outside).


Now that I’ve gone back to work, they are having a hard time adjusting to getting fed about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Perdita and Astra sharing a pile of hay.

They nearly kill me while I’m trying to give them corn.

No time for pictures with chores, so here’s Ostara checking out the new salt/mineral block.

It’s pretty much dark by the time I’m done with chores, but they have time to eat before settling in for the night.

As an aside, they did say on last night’s news that it was the first time since election day that the sun set after 5pm.  That’s exciting.


Anyhow, back to what I was talking about. In the morning, the goats still have a lot of hay left out there for a good breakfast.

Hera chowing down

I will say, Victoria has figured out her new schedule and comes in to eat sweet feed and extra corn.  She is actually gaining weight and holding her own.  That makes me very happy.


They’ll adjust to this schedule soon I hope. They will always nearly kill me while I feed corn.