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Pasture Brawl

26 Sep

I know Sidney and LilyAnn are feeling better because it’s a lot harder to get close to them.  And Cutie is getting some color back in her eyes.  And Spunky didn’t need to be shut away from her mom since I’m not milking Antigone now. That means, I decided to get them all back with the herd.

Cutie (we might have a burr problem up north)

I let them out and walked them out to pasture.

Looking for the herd

Once they saw the herd, they took off.

Cutie, Spunky, Sidney, and LilyAnn

It didn’t take long for LilyAnn’s girls to find her.  I will keep an eye on that situation. I don’t think they’ll try nursing her because it’s been three weeks. And I don’t think they were nursing when I penned LilyAnn because she was in such bad shape.

Minerva, Mini, LilyAnn and Sidney

Of course, whenever there’s a change in the herd, it means fighting.

2TC and Sidney

I swear they drive me crazy.

Joy and LilyAnn

And even though the girls are doing better, they really don’t need to be wasting energy on fighting.

Hera, 2TC, and LilyAnn

I tried to keep it down to a minimum, but Sidney was really determined to fight. Brat.

Sidney with Hera and 2TC

Even the young ones got in on the act.

Spunky and Alice

At least, when I do this out in pasture, the brawl doesn’t last too long.  I did check them out that evening to make sure they were really ready to be out on the big pasture again.