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The First Load

25 Sep

Friday evening, I penned eleven kids to be sold in the morning.

Gonzo, Pita, Poche, Ducky, Champ, Sophia, Jethro, Bumble (Masey, Mooch, and Frosty not pictured)

Honestly, the first one I caught and put in there was Bumble.  I had to let him out of the north paddock because I had to put Cutie up there, and she couldn’t have a kid nursing her.  Bumble spent the few days he was out chasing girls.

Bumble (with Jethro and Mooch to the left)

I’m pretty sure we have two or three who are now bred for Feb. 19th. Because why wouldn’t that many girls come into heat the few days he was out with them?   I’ll know if they settled in about three weeks.

Onyx (getting a lick from mom, Victoria)

Anyhow, I caught the ones I had up north (except Spunky) and other little ones, and my nephew came out in the morning.

Pita, Poche, and Sophia (Champ, Gonzo, and Ducky behind)

We tagged the first one, and I kid you not, I thought poor Champ was going to go to the sale barn with the tagger hanging from his ear.  We could not get it off.  Finally, I did get it worked loose, but it was horrible. That’s after last time when we kept breaking the backs of the tag.

I bought these tags because they specifically said they worked with the tagger I had. They lied.  So we loaded the rest of the kids without tagging them, and I took them to the sale barn.

They used their tags in the rest of the kids, but the lady who works in the office was kind and looked through their stash.  She sent this one home with me, and it should work better.

Next week, I hope to sell the rest of my March and April girls as well as Zora and Morton.


Zora (I just can’t deal with anyone that wild, and it breaks my heart not to be able to keep her.)

After that, I’ll just have the rest of the small and recovering June kids and Zinnia’s girls to sell.