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Visiting the Vet

19 Sep

Last week Herbie went to visit the vet.  He completed his series of kitten shots, and he also got fixed.

I thought they amputated a leg!

There it is!

I am a responsible pet owner.  I now have five neutered male cats.  How do I keep ending up with kittens on the farm?

Herbie the Love Bug

Bob also went to the vet.  He’s been gaining weight back since I’ve been feeding him the canned food.  But I thought it would be a good idea to see if he had a bad tooth or something.

Bob Cat

Everything looked good, so I will just keep feeding him the wet food.  I will say, he’s absolutely embraced being able to demand that I give him wet food.  Hopefully, he continues to do well.  This summer Bob has certainly developed a limp on the front right leg. You can see he’s not standing evenly on his legs.

While we were at the vet’s, they did tell me that there is a new arthritis treatment coming out for cats.  We are on their list to let us know when it is available. Hopefully, that will help him be more comfortable.