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Showing Improvement

12 Sep

Sidney and LilyAnn are both showing some good improvement.

Sidney and LilyAnn

They aren’t thrilled with being shut up north with five kids who do not belong to them.

the kids; Sidney behind the gate

But it’s the best thing for them to continue to recover.  And for some reason, they haven’t been running from me, so I can actually check their eyes and see that they are getting the color back.  Slowly, but they are progressing.

LilyAnn has burrs in her beard.

They enjoy the room service.  They are getting sweet feed twice a day.

They always have hay to eat.

I have even seen them exploring a little bit, which means they are getting more energy.

Sidney found some burrs for her beard too.

It’s looking like they will both make a full recovery.  And three of their kids have always looked good: Frosty, Mini and Minerva.  Crystal was pretty pot-bellied when I penned Sidney, but she is looking better.  I do want to try to catch them and check their eyes, but I don’t want to chase them.  So I’ll keep waiting for a good time.


In contrast, I already had Margarita’s kids shut in to help them, but I couldn’t keep them shut in.  But they are not getting better at all. Tonight, I finally managed to sneak up and catch them.

Terry and Howie

They got sweet feed and wormer and copper and then I shut them in the Love Shack.  I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way to keep them penned, and the only thing I could come up with was in the Love Shack–only the building.  They can’t even get outside. Hopefully, this will keep them where I put them and help them improve.