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What Bucks Do

10 Sep

This time of year, the bucks are coming into rut.  So what do they do?

Benji and Frodo

They like to make themselves all stinky.


They like to rub their stink on each other. And there’s plenty of stink out there.

Benji and Frodo

They stare at the girls, hoping they will come over or the fence will disappear.

Xerxes and Freddie are spending a lot of time talking to the girls, trying to get them to come visit.

Xerxes trying to get Cinnamon to come over

I can assure you that I told Cinnamon to back away from the fence.

It worked; she’s in heat; Bumble is also in love with her.

I’m really concerned about some little bucks.  Look at Bumble.  He knows what he is supposed to do.  Yes, after the little boys get sold, my old ladies will all get a shot to make sure nobody got bred.  I swear Bumble is more savvy about life than Frodo.  He’s still just a happy-go-lucky kid at heart.


Then there’s Benji.  He sings love songs.


I’m not saying he doesn’t have a lovely singing voice, but when he first started singing this fall, I might have gone to see who was stuck in the fence and dying.


Welcome to rut season!