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Heat, Humidity, and Rain

28 Aug

Saturday was hot.  We hadn’t been this hot and humid for quite a while.  The llamas were hanging out in the barnyard.  Poor Maybeline was all stretched out to try and stay a bit cooler.


When I went out to pasture to take lovely pictures of the goats, all I got were pictures of hot, panting goats.




We came back up to the barnyard, and I got everyone some fresh water.  Poor Astra does not like the heat at all.


After I went back to the house, it wasn’t very long until I heard a noise.  It took me a minute to figure out that it was a long continuous rumbling of thunder.  I checked the radar.  We had a pop-up storm bubbling up just south of the farm.

I went out and saw it was getting dark.  I begged it to keep developing and give us some rain.  Before long, we had sprinkles.  It was enough to drive Bob into the house.

Bob Cat

The goats started moving towards the buildings.

Hilda, Rosie, Jethro, and Purl

The bucks were not so quick to move inside.


Soon we had a really nice downpour.  And that was just the beginning.  We had more rain overnight, and by today we had around two inches!  I am very grateful for every drop.