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Heat Season

25 Aug

I noticed last week that Zora was being followed by the little boys.  Sigh… This is why I much prefer to have the majority of kids in March.  It’s easier to separate bucks and does and they are big enough to sell by this time of year.


Two days later, it was a free-for-all out in the barnyard.  All the girls were fighting due to hormones–old and young.

Victoria was fighting

I’m not ready for this.  Because look at how big those holes are in the fence in front of Benji, and I don’t have any real way to put an additional fence between him and the girls.

One-Shot Benji

I really don’t want my young girls or my old ladies getting bred.

Haley is retired.

And I’ll be very irritated in Pretzel gets bred by someone other than Frodo.


I also plan on giving Margarita and Astra the year off (at least).


The girls are hanging out by the buck pen and the boys are ready to do their job!


Heat season is quite the challenge.