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20 Aug

I started with weaning Astra’s kids and putting them up north with Margarita and her kids.  Since Margarita’s kids figured out they should eat sweet feed, I took Margarita out and let her go out to pasture.


Well, it only took a couple of days before Terry and Howie escaped to rejoin their mom.  I just keep hoping the will perk up and do better.

Margarita with Howie (front) and Terry

As soon as I started milking Astra, Ava decided she wanted milked too.


So I caught Sophia and put her up there.  Then I could milk Ava like she wanted.


I milked just those two for a couple of days, and my hands were doing okay, so I weaned Joy’s boy.


Now I’m milking three girls, and I have the four kids up there.

Sophia, Champ, PITA, and Poche

They are all four doing well.  This morning, I added Spunky up there and I’m going to try milking Antigone.



I’ve already been letting her come in sometimes in the mornings and doing a little bit of milking.  I think I could make her my next milking doe.  We’ll see how it goes this evening.