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Friday Leftovers

19 Aug

Now that I’m back to work, you might end up with more leftover posts–not because there’s nothing going on, but because I just don’t have the time.

It’s canning season. Salsa and one jar of cold-pack tomatoes.

I can’t believe how well Herbie is getting along with the other cats. I think he’s pretty happy with his new life.

Tiger and Herbie–the big and the little

Salem and Herbie are besties

Even Rocky seems to be accepting him; although Herbie looks a bit uncertain.

Hopefully, I did a good job of checking and fixing fence before we let the goats back there.

I saw another (or the same) fawn out in pasture when I was checking to make sure the goats were still where they belonged.

I see all these people posting gorgeous photos of majestic eagles perched high in the tops of trees.  Me I have a turkey vulture squatting on a round bale.


Hope you’re okay with the leftovers.