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Hay Is In the Barn

12 Aug

Wednesday, after the dew dried on the grass, my nephew came out and raked the hay into windrows.

Raking the bottom.

The back hill–it’s huge!

It looks really cool to watch.  I love the way the windrows look out there.

The second hill–I love the way this one looks.

While he was doing that, I was locking the animals on the other side of the barnyard because we really did not need their help.  I also had to do some cleanup from my previous projects started (I’ll finish them someday).

Chiffon and Simon; Yes, Mooch made it through my “fence”.

After he finished with making windrows, they set up the elevator.

We needed to fill the entire loft with hay.

I still had over half the main section filled with last year’s hay.

After getting it set up, the crew he brought with him baled it.

I needed 2 1/2 racks to fill the barn.

Once they got the rack full, they pulled it back through the waterways in the cornfield and down the road to bring it into my barnyard.

I was helping to stack, so I didn’t get any pictures of my awesome workers, but we got it unloaded and stacked.

You can see how green the new hay looks. I will make sure to use last year’s hay first.

Then we finished filling the bottom.

Not very neat–we were tired.

It is a good feeling to have this job done.  The next day, my nephew came back and finished making the rest of it into round bales that he gets.