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Milking Problems

11 Aug

My problem with milking is that I am not milking.  It’s just been a weird year all around for kidding, so I guess it makes sense that milking would be off too.

I hate milking Cutie (with Bumble) because of her tiny teats, and she holds it.

I only had six girls settle for spring break, and none of them were my milking does. I thought about trying to milk Antigone, but it just didn’t happen because things were crazy, and I’m not sure just one goat would have given me enough to make cheese.


I decided it was okay that I couldn’t start milking at the beginning of June though because going on my twelve-day road trip would end milking if I had started milking anyone.  When I got back, I looked at all those oopsie moms.  I wanted to milk Tansy, but she won’t just walk into the milk room, and I can’t catch her to lead her in past all the old retired girls who would be happy to come in.

Alice and Tansy

Aphrodite was even worse the year I tried milking her.  I could catch her, but I literally had to drag her if I wanted to get her to the milk room, and I’m not doing that.

Aphrodite and daughter Sappho

My only actual milking doe that had babies before June was Caroline, but she is a horrible milker.  She might be half dairy goat, but she milks like a Boer.  Again, there wasn’t much reason to start milking her to get a cup a day.

Daisy and Caroline

So, now I have all of my milking girls who had their babies in June.



Even some of that was weird because Ava had triplets, but has only raised one.  Who knows how much that cut back her milk.


Although, look at those fat rolls on her girl, Sophia.  I’d say she’s getting plenty of milk.


Now it’s time to wean and start milking, but I don’t know how to wean their kids.  I don’t have a good place to put them.

Zinnia won’t be ready to wean her kids until October

I might have to see if I can turn out Zinnia (another of my milking does) and her girls and shut some little ones up there.  Because I miss my milk!