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Stinky Boys

10 Aug

My bucks are coming into rut.

Xexes, Freddie, Frodo, and Benji

They stink.


They are thinking about girls and fighting.

Frodo and Benji

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to sell my March/April boys because of weather and vacations and such.  Now, I need to get rid of them.

Tommy and Cody

There are four boys who are way too big to live here any longer.

Bull behind his mom, Bubbles

Tramp is bigger than Pretzel! I do NOT want any oopsie babies.

Unfortunately, these four are thinking about girls and fighting too.

Cody and Tommy after Penelope (and her boy Gonzo is there too).

Tramp and Cody picking a fight with Popcorn.

Hopefully, even though the weather is going to be pretty warm, I can get rid of those young boys.