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Mowing Hay

9 Aug

Monday morning, after our wonderful rain, my nephew came out and mowed hay.  This is the second cutting from the waterway and buffer strip.  It really was green.  Considering how dry we have been, that rain really did wonders.

Out in the pasture, the cut hay doesn’t look as green.  That’s because this is the first cutting, and it has all those dried grass stems in it.

The goats on the hill; the bottom has been mowed.

There isn’t a lot of hay on the bottom where the goats and llamas have been.

Maybeline and Odie

There’s a lot more on the back side where nobody has been grazing.  I’m again amazed at how green it really looks.

The llamas are just hoping they get to go out on the back hills for fresh grazing.

Odie and Maybeline watching the tractor go by.

After we make hay and I get some fence work done, I’ll let them out for a couple of months.