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Drought and Rain

8 Aug

After being so excited that our drought ended, we are back to being listed as “abnormally dry” in the drought monitor.  Sunday was the day we were supposed to have our best chance for rain.  They went from saying about a half inch to an inch and a half to we’d be lucky to get anything.

Bob melting on the deck

I kid you not, I was excited when I woke up in the morning and it was still dark because I thought we were getting rain.  Not a drop, but all around us.

The chances in the afternoon were looking really slim.

Not raining on my corn

We needed rain for the garden and the yard and the corn field and the pasture and filling the ditch.  But it looked like it was going to completely miss us.

My pasture looks horrible

But…there were clouds to the south.  And I just kept watching and hoping.  Then there was lightening and thunder.

Clouds to the southwest

Then there were drops.

Drops on the deck (and Bob’s tail as he came in)

Then we had an amazing rain!

I am so grateful to have this just as my corn is at the point of trying to fill out.  After it stopped, I went out to see how much we got.

happy corn

It wasn’t a lot, about a quarter of an inch, but that will help.

It was a beautiful way to start my last full week of summer break.