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6 Aug

My plan when I kept Freddie was to breed him to Hilda and get a buck.


My plan worked perfectly!

Hilda with newborn Frodo.

With my sweet and beautiful Rosie as a bonus.


After getting the buck I wanted, the plan was to sell him.  But I kept him as a backup to make sure Frodo grew up (you know copper and worms and all).  Now that Frodo is grown, I have no need for Freddie.

Frodo getting big and ready to breed–he got the best of Freddie and Hilda.

Honestly, I have too many bucks.

Benji is my new blood.

Xerxes–how I wish I could sell him.

But I can’t part with Freddie.  He’s my last baby from Fionn.


Freddie is a sweet, goofy boy. I might try to breed him to a couple of girls this fall, but I really have no need for him as a buck.

So, I’m going to see if I can’t get him wethered this fall and he’ll just become a pet.

Because I’m a horrible livestock farmer.