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Zinnia’s Twins

5 Aug

I moved Zinnia and her girls up north because it’s been too hot to stay in the Love Shack where there is no shade.

Zinnia with Jeanie and Barbie

Since it was empty for a couple of weeks and we had a couple of small rains, the grass has grown back, so there’s plenty to eat again.

I also put Haley up there.


Haley is Zinnia’s mom, so the three generations get along well, and I can still give Haley her sweet feed without her trying to rush the milk room door every time I walk through.

begging for sweet feed (or peanuts)

I’m really glad Zinnia had two babies because they have each other to play with.

Jeanie and Barbie. They already learned how to escape and go play in the barnyard.

They are enough younger than the June babies that they won’t play with them much, so the sisters will certainly have fun with each other.

I’m hoping to move them with the rest of the herd next week.  Zinnia is a good mom, and she’ll be able to keep track of them out in pasture, and it isn’t supposed to be quite as hot next week.